Add on fun actvities

Our schedule right now is doing 5 days of work in 4 days and then taking Friday’s off. I want to start doing something fun, but educational and hands on learning on Friday. But I don’t know where to start. My daughter is in 2nd grade. I want it to be interactive but not too labor intensive to prepare and implement. Does anyone have any suggestions for a book or any ideas. I’m not good with gathering tons of supplies and masterminding everything. I kind of need it ready to go for me, I’m just too busy with my 1 year old and 3 year old. Any ideas??.

You could plan Fridays as a field trip day and visit some place new each week.

Great idea! You could do field trips. You could scour the internet, second hand stores, and stores that are not overly expensive for science kits and project kits that include the majority of the items (of course, you can buy these new as well, but costs add up… I’ve shopped at a few second hand places and found unopened science kids and craft kids for less than $1… most recently I bought an electric circuit kit - unopened - usually costs $40 - it cost me FIFTY CENTS!!!) Anyway - have your child join a club that meets on Fridays. There are tons of books at the library for simple crafts. Sometimes I pick one up - flip the pages until I see a page that looks easy enough and looks like I have the materials close at hand. TeachersPayTeachers likely has mounds of ideas also. I like using Fridays for special interest day. My daughter will choose a creature, time, place - whatever - that she’s interested - giraffes for example. We’ll pick books at the library and read about them. We’ll do 1-2 crafts (draw a large giraffe - use cottonballs to blot paint onto it, etc) - measure how tall a giraffe is. The next week we may find a video or two about giraffes. The next week we might go to the zoo to look at them - kind of like Themed Fridays - where we spend a month casually exploring a topic of her choice… but I don’t get overly crazy with the things we do.

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