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About the BUY/SELL/TRADE category


Buy, sell, or trade curriculum, products, and anything else you think might bless someone else!

  • Sell used curriculum or products: Please do NOT use this as a way to sell products for your own company or business

  • Buy products: If you’re looking for a product to purchase, make a topic using ISO: Product Name in the title so people can see that you are “in search of” something.

  • Trade Products or Giveaway Free You may offer used items for giveaway here as well, or set up a trade between another forum user.

After a transaction has completed please post a reply letting everyone know so we can close the topic. Topics will close automatically after 30 days if not posted on.

If you are using Paypal please make sure to use the “invoice” feature and not the “send money” feature as the invoice feature will protect both the buyer and seller.

Please note: For security reasons, please do not post private info such as phone numbers and addresses, on the forum. If you are going to conduct a transaction, please do it within the private message area.

To PM someone: Click on their avatar (the little picture to the left of their post) and then select ‘private message’. This will allow you to discuss your item without giving out personal info to the entire forum.

Disclosure: We are not liable for any buy/sell/trade product transactions. Unfortunately due to the atmosphere of this forum, we can not be held responsible for transactions being completed. Please use discretion when using this forum. If you are offering an item for sale or trade, please be responsible and respectful to others.