About MUS Workbook



I have two students in the same level of MUS. Is it possible to use one student workbook for both students or you need to buy two. I’m looking for an option that is not so expensive. I will have three kids with MUS one in Alpha and two in Beta. This will be my first time using MUS, so I need to buy the interger blocks too.


My oldest daughter didn’t like using the book so one year she wrote her answers on another paper…that’s totally an option…or don’t use the book at all for writing in…use other paper instead for both kids. I saw your post on buying teachers manuals for alpha and beta…honestly I ever used those for my kids. I used the teachers manuals as they got into “older” math to check how they taught something versus how I remembered it being taught to me, and tocheck answers, but I didn’t need it at the lower levels. Also the blocks…we hardly ever use those and my youngest is in alpha. That’s just been my personal experience…that you won’t be missing much if you don’t find them on the cheap. We did/do use the dvds but not at the alpha level. Hope this helps ya!


Not sure how other people feel about this but the pages for the workbook are perforated so I transferred them all to sheet protectors and make copies to use with multiple kids. I wouldn’t make copies for someone else but I figure at $30+ per workbook it’s fair for use within my family.


And if you are saving working for a portfolio, consider only copying the tests. Also, the Math U See website also has additional worksheets that you can print.


Personally, I think you can use 1 workbook. My workbook has 3 Lesson Practice, 3 Systematic Review, and 1 Application and Enrichment for each lesson. I’m currently in Alpha. My son is really good at the math so far, so he usually does 1 page of practice, and 1 Review page, and the Application and Enrichment page - which is often a word problem to figure out. You can go to the site and create more pages for practice if you need them. Start with 1 and see how it goes before you buy a second one.

As far as blocks, there was a free travel version linked on their Facebook page that I printed out and laminated. It’s working well so far for us. He does have some red blocks in 1’s, 10’s and hundred that we’ve used, but he usually uses nothing or the laminated blocks.