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Abeka to something else?


I am new to homeschooling this year. I am doing my kindergartener in BJU press and it seems to work for him. My daughter is coming home next year and she will be in third grade. She has been in private school that uses Abeka since K4 and maintains As and Bs. I don’t really like certain things about the math and English and am.comsidering switching her but I don’t want to go with something where she is going to be to far ahead or bored…I was considering BJu English and math…any suggestions?? Thanks

I’ve found BJU Press is a bit ahead of Abeka in English. We didn’t use it for math, so I can’t speak to that, but overall I feel that BJU Press is a bit ahead in general so you’d probably be fine to switch her over to that. BJU is a very similar style to Abeka and I think if you’re already doing it with your kindergartener it would probably be easier to use the same thing for your daughter as well. Of course you can see what we did for each grade level here: