Abeka Phonics Edition Question

I am borrowing the old edition of Abeka Phonics for K5, but I can’t find the old letters and sounds workbook, will the new one work out ok. I am having the same problem with second grade. Old teacher’s book and new letters and sounds. Will this work?

I can’t speak for second grade, but I would think for kindergarten it would work just fine. I have noticed that the teachers manual has you introduce a topic and review it for several days before it shows up on a worksheet. I often find myself just glancing at the teachers manual to get the gist of the new material for the day. Sometimes I delay moving to a new lesson if I think my son needs more practice or skip a lesson if he gets it and can move on. Because of this I don’t always match the worksheets with the lesson they are intended to go with. The worksheets don’t teach the material, they are for review and practice. So even if the old teachers manual and the new worksheets don’t line up perfectly I don’t think it would matter.