Abeka History to?

This will be our first year homeschooling. Our girls used Abeka curriculum at their school. We decided not to use Abeka for every subject. I’m concerned about history for my 5th grader. If she were attending her private school, she’d be studying Old World history, so I’d really like to find something that includes that. I’m also not sure what history curriculum to use for my first grader. I tell ya, science and history have been the hardest to decide on. I literally dream about curriculum. lol

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Some things we have used and/or looked into are Winter Promise and Truth Quest. You might look at those to see if they look like something you could try. :slight_smile:

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Story of the World has a four year cycle: ancient history, middle ages, early modern, late modern-present. The books also have activity guides with coloring pages, maps and enrichment ideas (crafts, additional books, etc).

Also, History Odyssey has a four year cycle that is a little more comprehensive, but less hands on.

Regardless of what you pick, timelines are a great idea. If you know how your child learns best (auditory, visual, kinesthetic), then that can also help you choose curriculum most appropriate for her.

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We switched from Abeka history to Story of the World when my oldest was in 4th, my second in 2nd, and my third in K. We absolutely love it. It’s our favorite time of the day! The activity book has some great craft suggestions and the review questions help me to gauge what their retaining while I read the chapter to them. The book is not a dry textbook. It very engaging and interesting. Hth

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Thank you SO much!!! I’m going to look into both of your suggestions.

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your suggestion.