Abeka Grade 1 Language Arts Question

I am thinking we will go with all abeka for language arts for 1st grade next year. This is what is in the complete parent kit

The following items are included in this kit:

294802 Homeschool Language Arts 1 Curriculum

290491 Reading 1 Answer Key

196975 Letters and Sounds 1 Test Key

241423 Basic Phonics Charts (Grade 1)—Revised

245844 Homeschool Seatwork Charts—New

How much of this will I need? I couldn’t imagine REALLY needing answer keys for first grade.

I never used the answer keys but if you want your child to get into the habit of checking their work it could be good practice, and then they come to you if it’s wrong for further explanation. Also the charts are ones you may or may not use. We didn’t - I got some of my own charts either hand made or free off of teachers pay teachers site that went w/ what was being taught.

The answer keys for the workbooks are not really needed, but you will need the test key. Most part of the tests consist of dictated words, sentences, and special sounds; you will not find them in the teacher guide but in the test key.

What I consider necessary is the Curriculum/Lesson Plans, the test key, and the Basic Phonics Charts. I have the old edition of the teacher guide and it includes a small copy of the phonics and seatwork charts, but I don’t know if they are included in the new edition.

I would also recommend you the Basic Phonics Flashcards. This is optional but we have found them very helpful. We use them for daily review, making sentences, playing riddles, review games, etc.

Hope this helps!

I would suggest these:

294802 Homeschool Language Arts 1 Curriculum
196975 Letters and Sounds 1 Test Key
241423 Basic Phonics Charts (Grade 1)—Revised

I would also get these for your student:

Grade 1 readers
Letters and Sounds 1 workbook
Letters and Sounds student test booklet
Language 1 workbook (if you also want to do the language portion, I tend to do both.)

I don’t use the teacher’s workbook answer keys really for most things below 2nd grade because they’re fairly easy to figure out just based on the worksheets. You do kind of need the test key because it also has the questions for some of the worksheets or sentences they need to write. I’ve done the tests before w/o the key and I just make up sentences and words for them to write, but the test key helps.

Hope that helps,

Thank you! Is there anything extra I should purchase?

I don’t think so unless you want something extra. I typically just work off of the workbooks for first grade, they’re pretty easy to figure out. I do have the teacher’s manual for it as well and just write the sounds their working on each week on a white board instead of purchasing the flashcards. But if you prefer to have the flashcards you can purchase them as well. You might look for them on the buy/sell section of this community or on eBay to see if you can find some used ones before purchasing them new though :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. I have another question. I’ve been told Abeka has a TON of work and many scaled back on it. If you’ve used abeka for grade 1 language arts, what parts did you do and choose not to do. I know it’s up to me, but I like to know what has worked for others too! Thanks.

Yes, if you do the entire Abeka curriculum, they have a ton of added seat work that is included for classroom use mainly to keep kids busy while others are finishing their work. I usually skip that. If you’re just doing the Phonics workbooks and Letters and Sounds workbook, I do one lesson each day.