Abeka Grade 1 Handwriting

I’ve gotten Abeka for grade 1 language arts. It looks all looks pretty straight forward as I review it, but I’m a bit hung up on the handwriting portion. I ordered the manuscript edition and the only instructions in the teachers guide are for cursive. Ok, not a big deal, I’m sure I can wing it, but I have a Writing with Phonics 1 Manuscript and I see that it shows which pages correspond to which lesson, but the only handwriting I’m seeing in the teachers guide is to be written in the 1st grade writing tablet. Should I do both or just 1. The page per lesson in the writing with phonics, would this be enough? I hope that made sense??

We never used the Writing Tablet, I thought the pages in Writing with Phonics were more than enough. Abeka includes a lot of practice in Handwriting for the lower grades. I remember when my daughter was in kindergarten, some days she had to do 4 pages, two from the writing tablet and two from Writing with Phonics. I decided to go without the tablet, it was definitely too much for her. I think the daily page from Writing with Phonics will be fine.

HI @Elizabeth86, did you order online?
It’s been a while but I think the teacher’s guide is supposed to correspond to either the Manuscript or the Cursive Handwriting. So depending on which one you chose, in this case Manuscript, your teacher’s guide should be the one that correlates to it.
I’ll look to see if I can find this information anywhere and let you know.
Also, the customer service is very friendly and I’m sure they’d swap materials if that were the case.

I ordered it from christianbook.

I looked but didn’t find a specific planner/guide for the manuscript. It has changed a lot since I last used them, too.
I would call cs and ask about it.
We also ended up skipping the writing tablet as it was too much for a young child to do.
Hope this helps.

Thanks everyone for the help. I’ll call them.

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