Abeka Flashcards question

Hi, I am in Abeka K5 with my son and we have been working now with the special sounds they start teaching about half way through. I have the large whole sheet of paper size cards I think called basic phonics cards that list the special sound on the front with a picture and then have sample words on the back. My question is are some of those sample words that are on the back on smaller flashcards anywhere so I can practice them with him one at a time in a more random order? The only thing I found was the smaller clue word cards but I looked through them quickly and did not seem to see more than just one card for each special sound (with the special sound on one side and the sample word on the back. I guess I can use those but he would only ever get practice on one word for each special sound. My thought was maybe I was missing it somewhere or maybe something like that is part of the first grade curriculum and they are just supposed to get used to the special sounds for now. We do a lot of practice with the one vowel and two vowel flashcards and he actually really likes to do flashcards (weird, I know) and I was hoping to start doing the same with some of the new words he is learning. Anyway, if anyone knows the answer I would sure appreciate it. Thanks.

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No, I don’t think they are.
You could make your own flashcards with those words since he seems to like using them but I did not find it necessary to keep going through those same words very often, probably because they are not sight words so you could use any word that includes the special sounds you are working on for practice. You can have him think of words that include the special sound or you can say some words and ask him which ones do and/or don’t.
My thought has always been that as long as they recognise the special sound and can sound it out and read it in a word they don’t really need to keep practicing it. The readers for K5 should have those included in them.
Hth! :blossom: