Abeka and BJU Spelling 1 and 2 grades

I am using All About Spelling for my 1st and 2nd grader, looking for a workbook to add in. I’m doing Abeka Language Arts for both kids and BJU English for my 2nd grader. Has anyone used Abeka or BJU spelling for either of these grades? Do you prefer one over the other?
Thank you!

I use Abeka LA for my kids from K through 2nd. After that, we switch curriculum, but my kids and I love it for those grades. I feel like they obtain a clear understanding of the concepts and enjoy the colorful worksheets.

Ok, so you use the spelling then too? What did you switch to after abeka?

Yes, I use the Abeka spelling as well. In 3rd grade, I switch to Essentials in Writing for grammar/writing and the Phonetic Zoo for spelling.

I have found that the Abeka LA program is pretty rigorous for the level and others have reviewed it that way too. My kids have enjoyed it though and my oldest (going into 4th grade) was able to switch to EIW in 3rd grade smoothly. I plan on using Abeka and then switching over at 3rd grade for my other kids as well. I think Abeka provides a nice foundation and I also like the readers.

Thank you for your help!

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