Abeka 3rd grade readers?

I am planning on using All About Reading 3 with my third grader next year. She will be reading lots of other books as well. I saw the abeka readers for third grade and they looked really interesting. Has anyone used them? Are they good books? Are they something i can have her read without using their reading curriculum? I would love any advice or ideas? Thanks so much!

We’ve used them with all of our kids so far, and the Abeka readers are okay. I think my kids enjoyed the AAR reader stories better though. And in AAR 3, they have comprehension questions for the stories, which I don’t think they have as much of in AAR 2.

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We used the A Beka readers for kinder and grade 1. We liked them a lot! Haven’t used passed grade 1, although I plan on ordering grade 2. We have used AAR 1 and are currently using AAR2. My thoughts are the more they read the more practice they get, the better their fluency will become, the broader their vocabulary…The stories thus far in the AAR series my son has loved! I definitely see a progression in skill in the A Beka readers. I have also noticed they are widely available used for great prices!

We have used Grade 3 Abeka readers. I don’t know how the compare to AAR however I loved the selection of stories in the books because it opened our eyes to a lot of books we had never heard of before but are now interested in reading. Some stories are very patriotic and because we are Canadians we didn’t know about a few of the people as well as people in the US might, however once again our eyes were opened to history and interesting titles that we now want to read. Some are very funny and had the girls and I giggling. They personally loved the readers and when we got GR4 they couldn’t wait to start reading them.

Thank you for your reply’s. I appreciate you all taking the time to respond.:slight_smile:

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I don’t have any experience with Abeka but we use AAR level 2 right now and I supplement with books from the Ambleside Online book list for second grade as well as books from the Sonlight grade 2 list. I can find them at my library and my daughter enjoys them more than the stories in the AAR reader.