AAR3 36 week plan

I am trying to make a tentative year at a glance for my kids subject areas to help me streamline my lesson planning.
I am struggling with AAR3 to get 36 weeks out of their curriculum I should be doing one and a half lessons per week (we school 5 days), but the problem comes in that the lessons are not all divided the same even if I only look at the ones without the story to read. Hoping that someone has already solved my dilemma and willing to share their secret :slight_smile:

I don’t think AAR is made to last 36 weeks, they do it by levels so you just finish a level and move onto the next, you may just have to start AAR4 early and if you do then maybe next year you won’t have to do it at all which means freedom!! lol I am also doing AAR3 but mine may just end up lasting a year as I am doing it alongside The Good and the Beautiful which has enough reading in it so I alternate the days.

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Thank you Proverbs31 I believe I read exactly what you stated somewhere- however, my teacher brain/type A just wants to make it fit in a nice little box. LOL :wink:

Thanks again for your response


AAR really isn’t designed to be prescheduled like that because you want to take the lessons at your child’s pace. Some things may come easily, and others might take extra time and review. Instead, just plan on working for 20 minutes per day on reading–plan done! No need to try to figure out exactly how much to cover week by week. If you finish in less than a year, you can pick up the next level, and if not, continue with it the next school year. (AAR wasn’t out when my kids learned to read, but I always loved this about AAS–it was by far the easiest thing for me to plan!)