AAR without AAS?

I have a son going into 1st grade next month. We used My Father’s World Kinder, along with Explode the Code and BOB books. He is reading cvc words well, but that’s it so far.

I have used MFW 1st grade with my other 2 older sons but am considering using AAR this time around. I will start with level 1. However, I really like Spelling You See and want to use that. Has anyone used AAR without using AAS? I’m wondering if it will work okay…

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I’ve been using AAR for 3 years with 2 of my kids. I absolutely love AAR! My daughter was a struggling reader, and my son was advanced in reading. The program worked great for both of them; they have both made wonderful progress.

However, I am just not a fan of AAS. I tried it one year, and it was a real struggle. I know some families really love it, but it just wasn’t working for us. I gave up on it and will actually be trying Spelling U See this year.

Luckily, AAR and AAS are both stand-alone curriculums. You don’t have to do both. Just do what works for you and your kids.

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@momto4 I totall agree with @julie :slight_smile: We have used AAR for 3 years along with AAS for two levels. AAS has been a bit tougher for me to enjoy (and my kids). I can’t pinpoint why exactly, it just feels like we’re trudging through it each day. Although, it is spelling, so maybe that’s just the nature of some subjects?

This next year my oldest (4th grade) will be finishing AAR 3 and we are dropping AAS for her at this point. Her spelling is highly above level (high school level), so we are going with IEW’s Phonetic Zoo program and starting her on their middle school level so that she will have somewhere to progress to after she finishes Level B (then she can do Level C).

All that to say, I think AAR and AAS can absolutely be used as stand-alone programs. I think what’s important in a subject like spelling is to find something you really like and then stick with it so that you work through all of the rules in an order that makes sense and covers everything rather than jumping around each year from one program to the next. I am a little concerned about this myself since my daughter will be leaving AAS and starting the Phonetic Zoo. I’m hoping her aptitude for spelling in general will be a strength to bridge any gaps that would otherwise appear.

We have LOVED AAR. I have used it with my older two and I will use it again with my 3 1/2 year old when he is old enough to begin :slight_smile: Best wishes on finding a spelling program you and your son really enjoy!

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Yes, you can absolutely do them separately–you can use just AAR or just AAS, or both.

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