AAR questions regarding games and storage?

We have just started using AAR 2 and are on level 4. My question is do you tend to play the “games” in each chapter more than once and then what do you do with them once you’ve moved on. It seems to be a lot of little pieces. I’ve been putting them in baggies thus far. I don’t feel right getting rid of them. Any suggestions are appreciated. We are enjoying the curriculum and my son really enjoys these games:)

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What has worked well for us is to use a 3 ring binder with page protectors! Put each game board and all the pieces in its own clear page protector. Then I use a post it note to label what lesson number the game goes with…hope that helps:)


We have never played the games more than once, but I love @Luvmyboys idea of storing them in the page protectors! That’s a great idea to keep them in a binder then all together! I may try that in AAR Level 3 this year to save myself from buying the activity book again for Kiddo #2 when he gets to that level (I just re-bought the activity book for him for Level 2 for this school year since we consumed it and didn’t save the cut up games, etc. when my daughter went through it last year because I didn’t have a copier at the time to copy the games and save the original pages). Thanks! @Luvmyboys! And thanks @Jharp for asking the question!!

Great idea for storing those pieces! I am definitely going to steal this idea for this next level we will be using! Thanks for sharing! :smile:

We also store ours in a binder with the page protectors. I have used mine with two kids and soon a third so it’s nice to keep all in one place. I put the games and fluency sheets into on page protector per lesson and then when I teach it next I just pull one page at a tjme.

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Here’s a blog post on the AALP site about Organizing AAR. It really is helpful for kids who need review if you do the games additional times. HTH Some!