A big “THANK YOU” to Erica for creating this community site. And another THANK YOU to all of you who have taken time to respond to others and shared your challenges and uplifting stories. It’s wonderful to see how supportive everyone has been. We all have stories to share, suggestions to offer, and advice to give - and we are better for it. I’m glad to be a part of this homeschool community. :slight_smile:


I second all that you said!! :slight_smile: To have this right before I start homeschooling is a gift from the Lord!!! Love this community that’s being built here!! Thank you Erica & to your hubby as well!!!


Agreed! Thanks Erica! And thanks to this caring community. :blush:

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Yes, Thank you! I’m never as chatty as I have been on here! I think I’ve been feeling a little isolated in my homeschooling and its so nice to be able to “talk” with all of you because you understand and have great supportive advice! :grinning:


Yes, what a fun and friendly forum!

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Hi everyone! I’m so excited to see that you are all finding this forum helpful! My husband really was the inspiration behind this, and I think he did a great job! I’m really honored to have everyone participating here and sharing so many great ideas, tips, and encouragement!! Welcome and THANK YOU!!!


Most definitely!! I appreciate reading and researching the ideas that I have seen and appreciate all the feedback that I have gotten. I am going to be first time homeschool mom this next school year and because of this site I am more excited than ever to be able to start homeschooling. Thank you!!! :smile:

A big THANK YOU to Erica’s husband! :smile:


I agree with everyone here, I love spending time in the forum, it’s such a great thing to have it :slight_smile: Thank you Erica and your family.

This forum is better than Facebook!!! :slight_smile: LOL!!!


I not only want to thank Erica and her husband for this forum but also for her website in general. I have gotten so many ideas from her, from the lapbooks, which are amazing, to the Daily Learning Notebook, which my daughter (9) loves to do every day. We have made the crayons, soaps and valentine floats and many more. I love that I have found COAH!! I check in almost daily to see what new she has to offer!! So, again, thank you for ALL that you do!


We made the cute little toilet paper roll valentine owl project that we found on COAH! I also check in frequently. I really enjoy the site. It has been so helpful and encouraging!

A big Thank You to COAH!
This community is a big blessing for the homeschool world! I love reading all the post & responses! Being able to share something that might help a fellow homeschool family is what it’s all about! God bless you all in your homeschooling journey.