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7th Grade Literature Units

Hi there! Miss Erica, I was just watching your 7th grade workload video on YouTube and heard that you might be planning on developing some Junior-High level Classical Literature Units sometimes soon. I have a son who will be in 7th grade next year and I am SO interested in whether you are still planning on developing those? I would definitely purchase them from you if you do!

Thank you so much for the wonderful and creative resources you have made available over the years. You have a great talent for homeschooling creatively! :slight_smile:


I agree @ArizonaTurtle I’d love to see some Junior high level classical literature units! We did Little Women last year with the original book (not classic starts). It worked out just fine but my daughter feels too “old” now to lapbook!

We set our own up. We are doing Sherlock Holmes, The Secret Garden, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Book Thief, Anne Frank and Island of the Blue Dolphins. Went over a bunch with daughter and she chose a couple and I chose some and some we did together

Yes, I’m working on them now! Would you prefer the lapbook in addition to the comprehension questions, or just the questions for the older units?

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Hi Erica!!
I’m very excited that you are working on units for older kids. My kids just don’t want to do the lapbooks. I think it makes them feel like little kids (even though it’s not true). Could you please make some with just comprehension questions? You’re the greatest!!

Wow! This will be wonderful when my children are older. I like the having the lapbook and comprehension questions, however, maybe there can be an option to just buy the comprehension questions at a lower price- just a thought. I love the quality of your products!

Whooo Hooo! Great! I’m excited! My daughter feels “too old” for lapbooks now, so we would primarily use the comprehension questions.

I have a boy that is starting 7th grade next september and it would be great to have some units for olders. We don’t lapbook anymore but notebook pages would work fine and are a little bit more creative than just the questions.

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We just finished The Lightening Thief guide/book this week (with a 7th grader) we liked it a lot. I would definitely recommend it! This unit doesn’t use lapbooking which my oldest feels too old for as well! We are watching the movie today!

Looking forward to your literature studies for older kids!