4th Grade Curriculum

Hi everyone, I am looking for ideas for my daughter next year who will be in the 4th grade. Can anyone give me a list of their 4th grade curriculum for next year? Or maybe some liked and disliked curriculum for someone who has already had a 4th grader? Any advice would help! Thanx!!

My DD will be going into 4th and we will be using:
Spelling- AAS- Level 1 (this will be our first year using AAS so we may very well speed through this)
Writing: Essentials in Writing Level 4
Hist/Geo- Sonlight Core B (it’s a low core for 4th grade but we will probably go through this quickly also and move onto Heart of Dakota Preparing)
Language- Abeka Grade 4 she will also be joining her sister with Sonlights Language
Reading- Abeka Grade 4
Math- Christian Light Education Grade 3/4
Science- Botany in 8 Lessons, Zoology Flying Creatures
Social Studies- (this is more of a side thing we will do when we have time but we will be using Donna Ward curriculum for this).
Literature Study- I am hoping to use Any Novel novel Study Guide (it’s for Grade 6-12 though so I have to see if it will work) If not I’m looking into Drawn into the Heart of Reading or specific guides for the books I pick.

Hope this helps.


This is out first year, but I will share what we bought for our 4th grader. I don’t have any opinion on whether this will work for us or not yet!

History/LA- Sonlight core b+c
Spelling/grammar- sequential spelling, grammar
Handwriting- A Reason for handwriting: D
Math- teaching textbooks: 5
Science- Apologia: astronomy
Music- guitar lessons with my husband
Art- classes at our local museum(Butler institute of American art)

I have heard that Sonlight’s LA can be a little weak, so that is why I added extra spelling and grammar. We may not need those extras or we may decide to only use those. I also have a typing program for the computer that she will do a couple times a week.


My daughter will be going into 4th grade and she will be using the following:

Bible, history, science, voc, art and music: My Father’s World exploration to 1850’s
Math: Saxon 6/5
English: Rod & Staff 4
Writing: Writeshop Junior book E
Spelling: All About Spelling level 6 & 7
Reading: BJU press reading 4
Spanish: Rosetta Stone
Typing: not sure yet
Hope this helps! Good luck :blush:


Also looking into a typing program.
If you find one before I do let me know what you go with! :slight_smile:

I definitely will. I’d like to hear if you find something as well. I’m thinking about typing instructor platinum but not sure yet. :blush:

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I have Typing Instructor Platinum and really like it!

Typing instructor platinum is what we bought!

What grade are y’all using it for? I have a daughter going into 4th and a son going into 7th. Do y’all think it would work well with both?

I used it for my 3rd grader and 8th grader last year.

Here is a list of what we used when my oldest daughter was in 4th grade.

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I was thinking about using that as well, (that’s the only one I really heard of so far).

Do you use the regular one, or the “kids” one for the typing platinum?

I bought the kids one. We haven’t used it yet, but it looks fun. I may even use it along with them. :wink:

I use the regular one.

Is it “fun” enough that they like it? I have rising 1st and 5th… wondering if they would like the adult, or if I would need the kid, esp for the 1st…
Thanks ladies!!!

I think it would be fun enough. You get to go to different countries and get your passport stamped and it has fun games.

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Here’s our plan for 4th Grade:

Math - A Beka
Language Arts - Learning Language Arts through LIterature, Prima Latina and ACE Spelling
Writing - Daily 6 - Trait Writing
Science - God’s Design for Life Series
History - History Pockets - Native Americans (We’ll probably do Colonial America as well)
Bible Character Building for Families

Science, History and Bible will be for all three kids.

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We are using Classical Conversations for for the majority of our curriculum and then we will be supplementing with Story of the World and Apologia Science as well as some Expedition Earth for additional geography and the literature studies from COAH

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My 4th grader is doing sonlight core D and E (not the combined one - we are stretching the 2 cores over a 3 year span for 3-5th grade)
Road Trip USA
Sonlight Science along with Apologia Astronomy w/ the notebook
Growing with Grammar
Finishing up some Winning with Writing, but mostly doing Writing & Rhetoric for writing
Digging into Diagramming
Singapore Math 4/a few Life of Freds thrown in
Mark Kistler’s Draw Squad
an extra Bible study book
lots of extra library books
history pockets (native americans + plymoth colony)
map tracing
random history-related crafts

We do NOT do any spelling or vocab, since he gets that with all the reading he does and with his personality of looking things up and remembering easily.