3rd grade Social Studies

Looking for any suggestions on a cost effective 3rd grade social studies curriculum. We have a great history program and we love it, but my daughter is lacking in some of the “social studies” elements and I am looking for something that we will both enjoy reading, but also is not too expensive. Any suggestions!!??!!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t know which direction you want to go with “social studies”, but I believe that the recommended readings that go with Erica’s Expedition Earth would bring in the social studies when you study the various cultures of each country. That said, I have the curriculum here, but haven’t actually used it yet.

My daughter is in 3rd Grade this year and we used Harcourt Social Studies Grade 3: Our Communities. We also have history, but wanted to add in Social Studies - just like you! This book was pretty awesome, and we both really enjoyed it. I bought it on Amazon:

And you can buy it used for a pretty good price. I hope this helps!


It depends on what you are looking for Social Studies wise but there is CLE Social Studies… I have never used it personally as I did Abeka for the younger grade and consider my history/geography studies to be social studies.

This is exactly at the kind of thing I am looking for!! I had looked on Homeschool sites for used, but didn’t think about Amazon. They have it there for a GREAT price!! Thank you so much!

PS: Did you order anything extra to go with it? or just the student text?? I’m just trying to figure out what exactly I need.

Yeah! Glad I could help!

I ordered the student text and the student workbook, but honestly, we never used the workbook. The student text has questions after each subheading, and at the end of the lesson. I just had her answer most of those questions orally, and then I picked one or two for her to draw a picture of, make a poster, or write it out. So, in my opinion, I don’t think you really need anything other than the student text. :slight_smile:

Also - I almost forgot if you go to Harcourt Social Studies Online:
They have virtual field trips, adventure activities, and you can look at what is included in each book as well. It’s a pretty neat website, and actually FREE. You don’t need a code to use it! Which I love!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks!!! That’s kind of what I was thinking, but glad to hear from someone whose done it already! :slight_smile:

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