3 under 3 years of age

I am looking for an hourly schedule from 9am-noon for my twins (2.5 years old). They are eager learners, but I need a written schedule I can follow :slight_smile: Any ideas??

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Hi @TwinMommyKristi Do you already have a curriculum and are looking for a way to schedule it or are you looking for scheduled activities for your little ones? I also have three under three and I am using a mixture of materials and curriculum including Learn and Grow, and, Teach Me About God - Hands-on Lessons for Active Preschoolers:

And Character Concepts for Preschoolers:

The last one is a bit more advanced than the first ones I mentioned. I use it more with my children who are a bit older.

They aren’t scheduled hour by hour but they give you a daily schedule. That has been enough for me.

But if you just want to have an hourly schedule, you can always add chore time into it, and meal and nap times too, and any other activities outside of the house you have or plan to have. At their age school or learning time will not take very long, maybe an hour or two. I suggest mixing the chores and meal prepping with them into it to vary and keep it light and fun for them, and for you!

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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Other really great ideas for keeping toddlers busy can be found on the following blog: