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2019-2020 Curriculum Picks


I just finished my post about my hits and misses for last year and now I am going to talk about my picks for this year. It’s exciting for me. I always love this time of year.

Preschoolers (twins turning 3 this year)
MFW- All Aboard the Animal Train
CLE- Beginners Activity Set- quick and easy. Probably a page a day.

1st Grade
MFW Grade 1- we have started this already and love it so far.
Social Studies- My Story by Masterbooks
Math-We are thinking to try Math U See this year. My son needs something to do with his hands and as much as I love the look of Right Start Math it’s extremely pricey! So maybe we will save for that next year?!

4th Grade, 7th Grade and 8th Grade
MFW Countries and Cultures- My children all love to learn about the world around them and I wanted to have a year of world geography etc… before high school. So we went with MFW! I’m excited to see how this year goes.

4th Grade
Math- TT4+ (we will just keep moving forward as each level is completed)
L.A- The Good and the Beautiful Level 4
Reading- Lots of books of interest
History, geography, science etc…- MFW
Handwriting- TGATB
Foreign Language- Mango Languages, Nallenart (French)
Social Studies- Donna Ward- Canada my Country and Natives

7th and 8th Grade
Bible, Worldview, Literature- Generations Curriculum- this will most likely be done as a family
Logic- Introduction to Logic- Masterbooks
Foreign Language- Mango Languages, Nallenart (French)
Math- TT
LA- TGATB High school - we decided to jump right in to high school!
Science-Apologia Physical Science
Geography, History, etc…- MFW. There are extra reading books included in this curriculum.
Reading- There is a lot of reading in MFW. I am adding books of interest also.
Spelling- Soaring with Spelling

I think that’s it for this year!
It was pretty easy to pick, we seem to be finding our groove and sticking with some favourites, hopefully, it continues to get easier!

What are you guys doing this year?


Looks like great picks for the year! I love this time as well, thinking about new things and getting ready for next year! You’re ahead of me though, I haven’t made all of our picks yet LOL!


Lol well be sure to post when you know!


I’m in the middle.of deciding all this now too. I will post as soon as I have a plan in place. I have 5 kids. My 1 oldest will be in 7th and 8th grade. I think I’m pretty solid on their choices. I’m torn for my younger 3 - grades 3rd, 1st and preK. I’d like to try 1 or two yrs of a multi-level curriculum before they get two old to do that. I’ve done MFW in the past and might do adventures but I am also looking at Trail Guide. Having trouble deciding.


Hi, we’re starting our 1st year of homeschooling. I will have a 2nd Grader and a 5th Grader. Here’s what I think I have it narrowed down to for each. Is this doable…did I forget something… are we going to be doing school ALL day? I thought I would check with you all before I start ordering things. We will be doing a cross country move at the end July and are hoping to start school by the end of August! Trying to get as organized as I can before we move! Thank you!

2nd Grade
Bible- Word of Life
Math- Math U See
Reading- All About Reading- Level 2 & Read and Think Skill Sheets (1x week)
History- Road Trip USA
Science- Abeka 2
ELA/Phonics- Abeka Letters & Sounds 2 & Language 2
Handwriting- BJU 2 or Abeka
Spelling- BJU
Music- Hoffman Academy and still deciding on other 1-2x week
Vocabulary- Word Builder
Typing- 1x week
Art- Deep Space Sparkle

5th Grade
Bible- Word of Life
Math- Math U See
Literature- Classical Lit Units, Read & Think Skill Sheets (1x week)- She is an advanced reader, so I won’t be doing any extra reading
History- Road Trip USA
Science- Abeka 5
English/Gramma- IEW Fix It Grammar
Writing- IEW Student Intensive A
Spelling- BJU
Vocabulary- World Builder (1x week)
Typing- (1x week)
Art- Deep Space Sparkle (1x week)
Music- Hoffman Academy (plus another supplement)