2018-2019 Hits and Misses

Hello ladies,

I have been missing in action for a while. I last posted something on here in the 2018-2019 Curriculum Choices post. In that post, I had all these amazingly wonderful plans for worldschooling etc…
Unfortunately, our year didn’t go as planned at all. I now understand why I was having such a hard time planning… I wrote my post a week after returning from the UK to visit my Dad who was unwell. Exactly 1 week after my post my Dad passed away. It was a time of mourning, explaining to my children what has happened. A week of visitors and grief and trying to scramble to get our whole family back to England for the funeral. We needed closure and by God’s grace we made it.

After going through all of that I realized that the uncertainty of worldschooling was not the best choice for our year. After much prayer we changed our curriculum choices and had a more stable year, something we all needed. I spent 3 weeks with my mum and the children brought their schoolwork which helped them have some normalcy. I also prayed about what we should do for school and so my list looks a little different from what I had originally posted.

Teaching Textbooks- I think we have finally found our Math curriculum from Grade 3+. My older children were a little behind in Math and they have been catching up fast with this curriculum. We are now using the online version.
My 3rd Grader finished early and is halfway through level 4 right now.

TGATB- I love it still! I looked for something else but so far I can’t find a replacement and I am sticking with it! My oldest daughter has asked to use Soaring with Spelling though as she feels like that helped her more with her spelling skills.

History- We used generations.org History for Grade 7 and my 6th and 7th grader used it. They loved it. They learned so much and they flew through it very quickly. They doubled up lessons because they really enjoyed the readings. It included essays, tests, scripture etc… and even I learned as they couldn’t wait to tell me what they read!

Kindergarten II- Always a hit here! Gets to the point, easy to use, no teacher’s guide needed. Inexpensive and fun.

Generations Curriculum for Grade 7- I bought the whole thing for this year. Bible, character, history, literature,worldview… and I loved it all. I love the fact that I can use almost everything with my whole family because they encourage you to read aloud.
We did the literature aloud and answered the questions aloud, then my older children would go and write the answers to the questions. The bible was independent. Character and worldview were again read aloud but I kept the character book just between myself and my older girls. It wasn’t for the whole family. Love, love, love this discovery!

Some of my misses aren’t complete misses but during this challenging year certain things didn’t work out.
Skill Trek- my hubby wasn’t working for 3 years due to an injury and we had to keep costs down. Plus travelling to England twice didn’t help. That meant cancelling some subscriptions, Skill Trek included. So we didn’t use it this year.

Apologia- This is something I will be using again but I think the general science text load was quite heavy so we worked through this very slowly it needed a lot of discussion. We plan to work on it solely through the summer to get them ready for next year.

Math Lessons for a Living Education- The lessons are short and the story is interesting but with me being busy there was a lot of bits and pieces to put together and I didn’t always have time for it. So traditional math for my youngers and TT work better for us right now.

I think this pretty much sums up the hits and misses for 2018-2019. Now it’s time to write my curriculum picks for 2019-2020!! Yay!


I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I’m sure your mom was blessed to be able to have you all come stay with her. Flexibility is definitely a plus for homeschooling. It allows us to deal with all that life throws at us in the best way possible for our family and it sounds like you did that!

I’m so glad to hear that your new choices are working out for you and pray that all goes well this year!


Thank you Erica! It was a difficult time for sure but homeschool definitely helped so much. We were able to get up and go to England while my dad was unwell but still at home and create some great memories together without it being disruptive to school like it would have if they were in public school. When school wasn’t working out because of grief we didn’t fuss about it. My mum was so glad to have us. It gave her something else to focus on for a while and she enjoyed every second of being with the grandchildren. We were able to pick up later and have a great year still. I’m so thankful for this journey.

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