2018-19 curriculum choices MFW, TOG, HOD

Hi there, so I have two kids left that are homeschooled. One is 13 - a little behind in reading level, and a son with high functioning autism, which can do math in his head but has problems on paper or other ways.

For years we have used MFW, and added other items like Apologia Sciences, Teaching Textbooks for Math, Learning Language through Literature and Total Language plus. Because I have used it for 13 years I feel like I’m not able to look at it in a new and exciting way anymore. I also started working for the first time in a whilte (nightshift nurse) so I don’t have a ton of planning time, but I certainly can make time if need be.

I was thinking about Tapestry of Grace or Hearts of Dakota? I really don’t like the “workbook” type learning and I not sure that that would be a good fit for my two kiddos that are left. Any advice would be great appreciated.
Jana Lively

Hi Jana,
I am considering MFW for next year, so I don’t have much experience with it but I have used HOD and tried TOG.
HOD is based on skills, so your children would be placed according to those levels, not necessarily what History cycle you pick. So, that could be tough running two different guides. Many people do, but it may be harder if you’re working. I love the way Bible is integrated and the book choices. The guides are a daily schedule, so if you get behind in one area, it’s hard to keep track.
TOG is very involved. Yes, different ages can study the same topics at their own levels, which is nice. But the teacher’s guide is a literal tome, with pages of background info for Mom to read and get up to speed. Not very open and go. At least that was my experience. Hopefully, others will give you more information.
Have you looked at samples on the websites? Also, HOD has a message board for specific questions.

I’d say Beautiful feet books is this is for history to science. It’s easy and books can be borrow in audio format from the library (if available) and that way they can listen together, or you could read aloud to them.

If you want an all in one, why not piece something together using All through the ages or another reference book?