1st grade curriculum help!

I have decided I will be pulling my daughter from public school and do homeschool for 1st grade in the fall. I started using AAR 1 after school because she was struggling with reading. I really like this program because you just open and go! very simple and easy for me.
I’m trying to find a full curriculum that I can use along side AAR but that is super user friendly.

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For my 1st grader we used AAR 1, Math U See, Explode the Code and A Reason For Handwriting. He has 2 older sisters so he listened in on science, history and geography. Good luck!


For my 1st grader, the Language Arts we will be using for next year will be:

PHONICS/READING: AAR 1 and also Explode the Code as a supplement

GRAMMAR: Growing With Grammar (Level 1, Complete Set)

HANDWRITING/BUILDING WRITERS: Handwriting Without Tears (1st Grade Student Bundle: My Printing Book + Building Writers B + Writing Journal B)

KEYBOARDING: Keyboarding Without Tears (My Keying Board, 1-year student license) Grade 1

We used this keyboarding for Kindergarten and it actually helped with the phonics too and was a favorite class to do. It was a please Mom can we do again for 1st grade. Yep, absolutely. :smiley:

Hope this is helpful.

For 1st Grade a pretty open and go, simple language arts curriculum would be The Good and the Beautiful. You can get the PDF for free @ www.jennyphillips.com. It includes spelling, grammar, phonics, literature, art appreciation. Older levels include art (doing art- watercolour etc…) and geography. I really love it and I am using it alongside AAR. :slight_smile: You could also buy the physical version quite inexpensively if you live in the US. Shipping for us is expensive so the PDF works well.

I’m using AAR level 4 now and can say that it is an amazing program! My daughter was also a struggling reader, and it is amazing how far she’s come. We also use AAS.

Honestly if this is your first year homeschooling and she’s soo young. Just keep doing AAR daily, and I’d add in Math (Math U See or any other options) and a handwriting program. THATS ALL!!!

You can get a few readalouds from the library that focus on an animal/weather for science and an easy book on manners or just explore your town and talk about what people do, police officers help people, firemen put out fires…easy. Don’t over think this. And keep it fun!!!

Abeka also has some cute social studies type books to look through with her. Don’t use any grammar till she’s reading and writing well, she can’t understand it until she has a firm grasp on the other two anyways.

Read to her a ton if you can!!! Charlottes web, Little House, Winnie the Pooh, anything she likes! Let her color or play with play dough while you read.

I hope you have a relaxed year and your daughter thrives!

Some good books or people to check out are Sarah Mackenzie, Julie Bogart, Ruth Beechick, Pam Barnhill.
YouTube has some great mamas too!

Just honor yourself and don’t get too caught up in what others do. I’m a huge fan of Littles getting love and little bits of reading/Math/writing daily to build a strong foundation for later years.

So, I can’t suggest an “all in one” curriculum, but I will stay that Right Start Math is a good math curriculum that is pretty hands on and laid out for you like All About Reading and All About Spelling.