Year round schooling: pros, cons and what to do

We do a six weeks on / one week off schedule. I plan all of December and June off. This makes for a 36 week school year, but no long periods to forget that school must be done.
Even on off weeks, reading and math drill have to be done if you want any screen time.

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I always think about homeschooling year round. Sometimes it feels like the summer break is a long time to go without school. Plus I find that in September I am spending a lot of time just getting the kids back into the routine of doing school. In reality, I never school year round. Where I live we really only get 2 months of really nice warm weather. We wind up doing a lot of day trips. Plus both of my boys have friends that are in public school. When their friends are off they want to be off. I try to look at it this way, if we are home in the summer and nothing is really going on, then we can do some school work. It never is a whole day of school we pull out some books and do some reading or try to do a hands on project.

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We do 6 “quarters” (I know, they’re not really quarters but I can’t think what else to call them. :slight_smile: ) Each quarter is 6 weeks, and then we take a week off. So we have 6 on, 1 off, 6 on, 1 off, 6 on - then we take Thanksgiving to New Year’s off. We actually continue to do light school during this time (reading, math, spelling review & religion). Then we start back up into the 6 on, 1 off routine until Memorial Day. Then we’re off again until 4th of July - again only doing light school during that break. During the individual weeks we have off throughout the year, we do NOT do school. That gives the kids a break every so often, and the light school in the longer breaks means there’s no forgetting what we’ve learned.
As others have said above - this schedule allows for us to take breaks when most other kids are in school - so we have to deal with fewer crowds.

I have homeschooled all year for the last two years. Cupcake (my granddaughter ). Has to go to her doctor every month to every three weeks now. It was taking up a lot of time…so that is when we started year round schooling. With her medications being changed constantly she forgets a lot…or she is tired and sleeps late. I feel for her sake it is the best option for her.