Writing with Skill/ Creative Writer/ Writing with Ease

My oldest DD will be turning 9 and I was wondering if ‘Writing with Skill’ and ‘The Creative Writer’ would be too advanced for her. I really want us to work on our creative writing this year as this is an area where we struggle. If you wouldn’t use the above programs what program would you use to improve creative writing skills? I was looking at IEW but don’t know if that teaches creative writing. I have looked into Write Shop but I don’t think that program will fit our family.
I was also thinking about ‘Writing with Ease’ this year but also wondered if that taught creative writing. If not what exactly does WWE teach?

Following…writing is our biggest struggle, too! Out if curiosity, what about The Write Shop do you think won’t fit your family? Trying to think through all the pros and cons of the countless programs available can be exhausting!! Hope you find a good fit!

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The Write Shop program just looked too simplistic for us and I was looking at where they mentioned getting different books to read. There was a list of the kinds of books needed throughout the program, however with us doing Sonlight for the first time this year I don’t think we can add anymore books to what we would already be doing.
I hope you find something too, it IS exhausting and conference season is coming up for us in May so I would like to have a clear idea of what I’m looking for when we get there. So many choices……