Workboxes schedule cards

The folders are a heavy duty plastic (there should be a link in the post showing ones that are similar to what we have) and then there are multiple pockets inside that you can flip through, just like a book. I took two of those plastic ones apart and put them together with a larger comb binding.

Thanks! That explains it for me!

I have free printable workbox downloads here:

When my kids were younger we used the cards but now that they’re older we don’t use them. They kind of became a nuisance and the kids got tired of having to do the cards so I stopped using them. I think it’s kind of up to you and what your kids need as reminders based on their age :smile:

Now they just go though their drawers and put finished work on my desk to grade. I also print out their assignments on a weekly sheet and they cross off the items as they go.

Hope that helps! Erica

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@erica, thanks for the printables and thanks for the suggestion! I’m doing my first trials with workboxes, I think my kids will love the cards. I will see how much cards I can manage :smile:. I appreciate you reply! Thank you very much!