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Where to begin?

Hello Everyone,

We are looking into homeschooling 2 5th-graders, a 7th-grader, 8th-grader, and sophomore. I am familiar with where to find our state standards (Nebraska). However, I’m unsure of where to find curriculum to teach those standards. Do you buy a boxed curriculum, use an online school, or use materials you’ve gathered to support the standards? How do you demonstrate that your children have met the standards for their grade level?

Is there a source that would answer these questions rather than pleading for your time here? :blush:

Thank you for any guidance you can offer!

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You can choose what curriculum you’d like.

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I would recommend Cathy Duffy’s curriculum reviews. They are most helpful when comparing curriculum.
Once you find curriculum for one subject you can usually find blogs from families that use that curriculum which mention what they use for other subjects. For example I really like Life of Fred math, so I looked at blogs from moms who also used Life of Fred and discovered a history curriculum which I also like.

Or in Oregon we have a homeschool curriculum store Exodus Books who will offer suggestions based on teaching and learning styles. Check to see if you have something similar in your area or try calling an online store. Keep in mind they are trying to sell you something but they could give you a list of things to look closer at.


Hi Becky,
For most states, you can choose whatever you want to use. If you’re more comfortable going with a full boxed curriculum to start, you can definitely do that. I like Abeka and BJU Press. Both are pretty solid in my opinion. You can also see what we use for each grade here:

Then depending on state requirements you’ll need to do standardized testing for them at the end of each year. Some states don’t require this, so you’ll want to find out what Nebraska requires. I like to test regardless of requirements because it helps me decide if I’m covering what I need to, but that’s just personal preference.

I have info on testing here:

Hope that helps!


Greetings from a fellow Oregonian. I’ve decided to start homeschooling this year and I’m in desperate need of any information I can get as to what Oregon requires for homeschooling. Anything you can share with me would be wonderful. Is there a website I can look up to get information on what Oregon requires for a 2nd grader? Thank you for any help you can provide.

Hi! I would definitely check they have homeschooling requirements on every state there. You can also contact your local school district and ask them what you have to do. For the most part you’ll need to submit a Notice of Intent to Homeschool. It’s just a form you send in to your school district. Aside from that, curriculum requirements, hours, attendance etc. will all be things you need to get from HSLDA or your school district. :slight_smile:

Here is a free NOI form for you:

Also check out my New to Homeschooling page, it has all of the info you need to get started:

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Homeschooling is something completely new for me, thanks for the sources!