What do you do when YOU are sick?

Here’s a question for everyone…what do you do when YOU are sick? One of the biggest struggles I have faced while homeschooling is when I get sick. The Monk is feeling great with all sorts of energy and I am, right now, coughing my lungs up and am completely drained of energy as I battle a spring time cold. Yesterday we snuggled and watched movies, but today, although I am still miserable, I find myself loaded with guilt about not hitting the lesson books. So, what does everyone do when they are sick and the kid(s) are not?

That’s a hard question to answer. I had a virus last week that had me weak and feverish. My daughter (who is the only of my children who is homeschooled) said, “Are we homeschooling today?” When I replied that I wasn’t feeling well, her response made me laugh (and cringe), “You’re sick, but I’m not.” She ended up watching some educational videos and working on her writing skills.

She requires a lot of close supervision when she does her work, so we only did what could be done independently.

Good question @Beckie . I’m curious what others will say.

If I am that sick that I just can’t do it, then the kids get a day off. We just make up the work somewhere else. I am not against pulling out books for bedtime or pulling them out on a Saturday.
It always evens out and somehow by the end of the school year we have completed everything that we wanted to.

I don’t stress about it and the kids love to get a surprise day off. Plus they are usually so grateful to get the day off from school that they will do little things to take care of me.

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We do school year round, so if I am actually that sick (very rarely sick enough to not do school) we just skip a day or two.

Nap on the couch and threaten the kids that if they wake me up, I will turn off their movie.