We need number help!

My daughter is four years old and doing really well with counting and number recognition. Doing well until she gets to fifteen! I have no idea what is going on. She counts all the way to thirty with no problem besides skipping fifteen. She forgets it every single time. I can have her repeat it to me ten times and as soon as she is on her own, fifteen is completely gone from her little mind! I don’t know where to go with this.

My son was about that age when he would completely skip 15 too. He eventually got it. Don’t stress about it, but just keep reminding her when she skips it. Eventually she’ll get it.

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I had the same thing happen to my oldest two, who are the only ones counting. They would say fourteen for thirteen, twice, and skip 15. Sometimes 16.
I think it has something to do with the similar sounds and in their minds they must think there is one less than there actually is, which is why they skip.
I find it helpful to show them the numbers, pointing to each number and asking them to say them on their own. They will realize there is a number in there that they were completely ignoring before.
They need to point on a numbers list from top to bottom each number, not too fast, and saying to you the numbers. See what happens

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Hi! Don’t stress about it, at that age it’s just all about repetition and review. She’ll get it, she’s still really young an it sounds like she’s doing just fine. Just keep reminding her of the number as she forgets it and eventually she’ll pick it up :slight_smile: If that’s your only problem for the year you’re doing awesome!!


She’s 4. It happens. It will stick eventually.

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4 is so young, not to worry at all. Play counting games and have fun. I remember both of my kids skipping 5 and 15 when they counted–not sure what they had against the number 5, LOL! They count now :-).