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Wanted: the following curricula:


Hi. I’m looking for used but in excellent condition, the following:

  1. Life of fred the first 4 in the elementary set.
  2. The Writer’s Jungle by Brave Writer.
  3. AAS complete basic kit, teacher’s guide, level 1 and 2 student materials
  4. Math U See complete manipulatives for beginners (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals)
  5. The first Bob books set.
  6. Dry erase preschool letter writing book, with uppercase and lowercase letters, preferably spiral bound.
  7. Atlases a 7 year old boy could use for geography.
  8. Any poetry books for ages 4+.
  9. Any books you are willing to sell, I can consider.



Umi-I have all the novels for Bookshark grade 5 if you are interested.