Trail guide to Learning Sale

If anyone wants to use Trail Guide to Learning next year, they are still having a Valentines day sale until the 24th of Feb. Use the code BEMINE to get 20% off!!! Good deal I think!


Thank you for posting this. So bummed I did not decide to go with this until after the sale! Just FYI ======> I called GeoMatters today and they said that’s the annual sale so I will have to wait until next year for another one. At $700+ that would’ve really helped! If you order at a HSC you get free shipping which would save me $30…I’m contemplating waiting until we have one here in July (to at least save that!)
If anyone has any other discounts that they know of, please let me know. (And I’d like to purchase new because the editions have been updated- thanks!)

Just and FYI:
Moving Beyond the Page is having a sale
Spring Fling Sale
Coupon Code: DAISY
March 27th - April 7th