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The good and the beautiful free curriculum

Hi there! Thought I’d bump this thread back to the top and see if anybody else has any new reviews to offer…

We recently started working through the grade 1 Language Arts. We like it so far, but was wondering if anybody has used it for more than one year (or if anybody is perhaps using any of the higher levels) to see what they think about it’s lasting value.

Thanks in advance!



This is our 6th year home schooling. What an adventure. We have used lots of different curriculums. MFW, LLATL, Winston, ELL, AAR, AAS. Language Arts has always given me a run for my money. I never felt like anything covered all the bases without costing a fortune or taking way too much time! We have been using THE GOOD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Grade 1 for 6 months now. We’ve also been using TGAB Upper Elementary Course A. They are fantastic! I finally feel like I’ve found a Language Arts Curriculum that is a perfect fit for our family. The spelling uses dictation and rules, which I love, (Upper Elementary A). The writing and grammar are fantastic. I actually got to spend time one on one and in a group setting with Jenny Phillips at a home school conference this July. She was super helpful in answering all my questions. She has definitely set this curriculum up to be mom friendly, while still giving the child all they need. We all Love it. I have 2 other friends who are using it with their children, ages 8-11. They love it too.


Hi there! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I feel like language arts has been the thorn in our sides as well. My boys seem to be much stronger in math than they are in LA. My oldest (just turned 9) has been a delayed reader. I see you mentioned that you have also used AAR and AAS…would you continue to use AAR to teach a child to read, or do you think the G&B grade K would be sufficient? I’m trying to decide how I want to approach teaching my 3rd son how to read, (he will be turning 5 early next year). We used AAR Level 1 & 2 with my older two boys, and although it worked, I feel like it took just about forever.

I really like the look of her curriculum. We already have LA for this year, but I’m thinking about getting her handwriting for my 3 kids and then starting the LA next year. I know it says non denominational. Have you noticed anything specific about LDS in the curriculum?

Hi Nicole. I think it would be a good fit for any denomination. The focus seems to be on God and good character, I haven’t seen anything that would be religion-specific.

Thank you. That was the impression that I got looking at the samples.

where is the link to download the free curriculum? i dont see it anywhere… thank you!

You just go to the website, scroll down to where you see Free Language Arts and Literature Course click read more, when you get to that page scroll down and click the tab for the grade you want. The curriculum as of right now only has grades 1-5 for free, once you have clicked your tab scroll down again and click free. It will be added to your cart, you will fill in your information and then you will get the link for the download. Hope this helps.

Hello! I was very interested in The Good and Beautiful curriculum. Love how beautiful the books are! My husband and I spent quite a bit of time reviewing it last night and did see some quotes by some “LDS apostles” (printed in the 7th level book). Everybody needs to decide for themselves but I thought I would let you all know that it isn’t just biblical quotes, there is definitely some LDS/Mormon insights in the curriculum. I couldn’t look through 5th or 6th grade at this time as they are revising them.
If anybody else has any insight I would love to know your thoughts? The curriculum is very tempting but I don’t want to buy it if it leans LDS/Mormon. I want something truly non-denominational.



I have the free 7th level but I haven’t looked at it yet. I am doing Level 4 right now and so far so good. If I see anything LDS related I would skip it. I am happy with free but not with LDS/Mormon insights either. I plan to use all the ones that are free and I am will be working through the early levels with the children and the later free levels I look at along with the children. Level 4 for example I am reading the stories with them. They have to read word lists and poems to me also. I haven’t seen anything to concern me so far but I would message Jenny about that if there was a problem because one of the things that is supposed to be a selling point for this curriculum is that it is supposed to be focused on ‘The Good and the Beautiful’ and not on any specific denomination.

My friend did message Jenni and she was super kind. She said that there is absolutely nothing about the LDS doctrine in any of the curriculum. There are quotes by LDS people but the quotes are denomination neutral. The quotes truly are neutral. After seeing her response and how genuine and kind she sounded I feel much more comfortable. She also said if we see anything concerning we should let her know immediately. That makes me feel a lot better as well. The curriculum does look amazing!

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I’m really glad to hear that as we have the same concerns as you! :slight_smile: I have been in contact with support staff before and they really have been amazing.

I looked at the level 7 curriculum and here are the quotes I found from LDS apostles:
“A spiritual-minded man is observant of the beauty in the
world around him. . . It pleases our Father in Heaven when
we, also, pause to note the beauty of our environment,
which we will naturally do as we become more spiritually
sensitive. Our awareness of grand music, literature, and
sublime art is often a natural product of spiritual maturity.”
(Douglas L. Callister, CR, Oct 2000)

“I encourage you to look around you. Notice the people
you care about. Notice the beauties of this campus. Notice
the fragrance of the flowers and the song of the birds.
Notice and give thanks for the blue of the sky, the red of
the leaves, and the white of the clouds. Enjoy every sight,
every smell, every taste, every sound. When we open our
eyes and give thanks for the bountiful beauty of this life,
we live in thanksgiving daily.” (Joseph B. Wirthlin, “Live in
Thanksgiving Daily,” BYU Devotional, Oct 2000)

Even though lds apostles said them I don’t think it makes the curriculum lean lds/mormon. Those quotes
do not teach lds doctrine. I believe the content of those quotes could be accepted by those of any religion.

Hiii…would it be possible for u to share the free kindergarten curriculum tat u got earlier, cos it’s on cost now.!

I have to agree! this curriculum is absolutely gorgeous and i love how simple its laid out while including art and poetry. I still haven’t tried it though because Im a little apprehensive of the LDS background. But its encouraging to hear its pretty neutral on its stance.

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Wow, I’ve never heard of this–definitely checking it out! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Why is everyone so nervous about it being written by a Mormon? Don’t we all use curriculum by other Christian perspectives without the same hesitation? I’m not trying to start something. I am truely curious why a curriculum by a Mormon draws so much fear of indoctrination but others, like BJU, Abeka, Kolbe, Rod and Staff, Apologia, CLE, etc. do not. My understanding is hers is totally Christian neutral.