Teaching History

My husband and I have decided to use sonlight in the fall.  We'll be using core B+C for our 9 and 7 year olds.  So they'll be learning world history.  
My question is, do we have to also teach them State/government/US history and geography every year according to our States requirements?  We live in Ohio.  On the website for Ohio, it looks like we have to teach those things.  I'm just not sure if it is every year and also how to incorporate it in with our other history/geography.

I don’t live in Ohio so I am not sure what your state laws are but I assume that you only have to teach your state history once.
In NJ most public schools teach NJ state history in 5th grade so many homeschoolers also do it for that grade. We only cover state history once during all our homeschooling.

Perhaps someone from Ohio can answer this question?

@kathleennj Thanks! It’s all so confusing. I was hoping someone who lived in Ohio would have some input. :smile: