Summer reading ideas

We will be finishing up our school year in June, but will be reading and doing math throughout the summer. Does anyone have any reading incentives or reward system ideas? Do you have a book list for summer reading? Do you require a certain amount of time your child reads each day during summer? Thanks for the help!

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We are paying him for each book he reads. If he reads a book that has 50-100 pages he gets $1 and if he reads a book over 100 pages he gets $2. All books must be books he has not read and I will approve and determine their value. (because of a 70 page book has a picture covering every other page it doesn’t count as over 50 pages!) anyway, he can earn up to $25 and we will pay him what he earned Sept 1st. I never believed in incentives for reading (because I love reading) but my son will only enthusiastically read books that he has already read or been read and they are typically below his reading level. He responded well to the pizza hut book it program so hopefully this will encourage him to challenge himself with reading this summer.

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I like not paying him till September 1:)


Many local libraries have a summer reading program. In addition, there are summer online reading programs, too (like Barnes & Noble). Our library offers incentives (every 50 pages = 1 token for older children, every 5 books = 1 token for younger children). Then in August, you can turn your tokens in for free books/other rewards.

Having said that, because we homeschool year round, we work that into our reading schedule :slight_smile:

My son is not super excited about reading so I do give incentives. We have a little incentive chart paper that he puts an x on a square for each grade level book read and when he has read 7 grade level books he can pick an activity to do. Like a play date with friends or going to ride bikes …stuff like that. It doesn’t cost much if not anything and he enjoys having freedom to choose…within reason. We have done little treats before but he isn’t too motivated so this works better. And I still have to remind him/ set aside time to read…usually morning.

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@mahrball I really like that idea! I’m going to implement it NOW and not wait for summer!!! My son does not like to read, this just may motivate him;)

Glad to help. It works well for us…and I am trying to make reading a more positive experience since he has to read! I figure it’s better than a battle to make him read everyday. :smile:

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Have you checked out the local library? A lot of them have summer reading programs that reward the kids for the number of books they read. One of my friends is a teen librarian and has planned some great events around the more popular book series too!

@mahrball I LOVE your idea!!! I am going to use this idea during our school year. Our library has a fantastic summer reading program. So I will use the library during the summer and your idea during the school year. Thanks so much!!