Story of the World - Incorporating Other Topics

I’d love to hear some ways in which you incorporated other subjects like science or math alongside what you’re learning in Story of the World lesson.
Here’s some ways I have:

During chapter 4 (Vol 1) we learned about the science of mummies (about
how micro-organisms break down dead things, but how salt removes water
and helps keep that from happening).

Since we learned about pyramids in Chapter 4 and made Cylinder seals in Chapter 5 I followed up by
teaching about 3-Dimensional shapes (seemed like a good time).

What intersections have you discovered between the history you’re teaching
and other subjects?

This isn’t based in Story of the World, but if you are interested in integrated learning with a base in history (all subjects correlating in theme with history and the geography of that time period), you might take a look at Trail Guide to Learning by Geo Matters. It starts in Grades 3-5 but has extensions for Grades K-2 and they are developing a full curriculum extension for Grades K-2 (not just book suggestions) that should be released anytime now. Best wishes!

First time homeschool mom here. Our first day ever will be Monday! Yay! I’m so excited, but scared at the same time. Anyway, about your question, I’m not exactly sure what all we will be doing, but I plan to discuss the life cycle of plants with my 3 boys (9, 7, and 7) as we create the Nile river according to the books suggestion and watch our reeds (grass seeds) grow along the “river banks”. I love your suggestions, too, and we may discuss them, as well!

This is only my second year. Story of the World is fun. We thought about doing something with plants when we studied the Nile but it didn’t happen.

For the mummy science thing I used a printable I found on Teachers Pay Teacher (…not free, unfortunately, but worth it. He does have a freebie on the science of the Nile ( Actually, he’s got a whole set of “Science of Egypt” units and I bought the bundle, which also had an egg mummy experiment (much like the Chicken experiment in Story of the World…but for us that was easier. You can find versions of it on pinterest…it was great).

Not trying to sell stuff, just thought I’d share what we used to supplement.

Best wishes on your first year.

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