Standardized Testing

Our state requires standardized testing beginning in Grade 2. I want to begin researching different testing options. If you use standardized testing, please let me know which test so I can make a list of tests to research. Thanks! :slightly_smiling:

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Since we are not required to test, I have never really looked much into it but I did come across these testing materials. I am not sure they qualify, I am just sending you the link so you can investigate!

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Hi triton17,

Here is a post Erica put together that has a few listed, but like you I would love to see what others are doing as well! We have been using the Iowa Standardized tests.

Thanks Jason! I did see Erica’s post about tests - as always, she has some great information! I wanted to give the Stanford test a try, but it looks like it’s not going to be made after this year… publisher isn’t making it anymore? Anyway - so far I like the sound of the Iowa test - it’s among my top choices. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I love the Hewitt PASS test, because it’s not timed. Yay! Be sure it is acceptable to your district/state, though.

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It is accepted by our state, AND my daughter has SOOOO much anxiety about anything timed. Thanks :slight_smile: