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So many books and other things


1st pic, various books, $1 each

2nd pic, Classic starts books, $3 each

3rd pic, workbooks, all have different places of writing in them, but still have a lot left. .50 each, revolution book $1, Origami book $3, lands book $1, arctic book $1, time clock $1

4th pic rotating pencil holder, dirty but good condition $10

5th pic mine-craft box set $10, 3 book set $5

6th pic christian teen devo $2, super cool bible stories $2, unwrapping greatest gift $10

7th pic mad libs whole lot $10, Lego Clock $5, ispy $1

8th pic Ronald Dahl $3 each, mine craft zombie set $30 (6 and 9 not pictured, we have 6, can’t find 9), Fart powder set $30

9th pic Landon Snow set $20, butt wars set $10, Goldtown adventures set $12

IMG_1750 IMG_1765 IMG_1767 IMG_1760 IMG_1768 IMG_1770 IMG_1771 IMG_1772 IMG_1769


Hi! Is the rotating pencil holder still available?


I’ll look again, I thought it was, but I can’t find it in my crazy garage.


I have the pencil holder for you. Do you wanna porch pick up?


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