Searching for Student Driven Non-relegious based Science curriculum!

I know my kids will get a lot of Creationisum at church. So I want their science curriculum to be evolution and more scientifically based. Close to what Public Schools teach…however what works best for our house are Student Driven books. Where the student reads, answers quick questions and later quizes on the chapter. Mom/teachers only really steps in if help is needed to to make sure student us progressing properly. Please help! I have been unable to find this “unicorn” of curriculum! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

We are using elemental science. It is teacher lead but from what i can tell you could easily have the child do the reading andsuch. We started last week and i havent really seen where I would be needed if my child were an independant learner. They have samples on their website. Another one to try could be r.e.a.l science odyssey by pandia press. We are using their history curriculum which is student lead.

Connect the Thoughts is exactly what you are looking for. I tried it with their History curriculum before but my kids are my hand-on and it didn’t work for them.

Check it out :