Reasonable priced printing service?

It looks like I will need to be printing many colored copies of pages for a co-op starting next month. I may need about 100 pages per student. There are no cost-effective local stores that I can print the papers at. Do you have any online color printing recommendations that are reasonably priced?

Would there be any chance that you could find an independent copy store (not affiliated with a chain) and sit down with them and see if they could do your copies as a contract at a bid-in price for all the copies? In our town the independent copy store was run by an elderly and very talented couple until they retired and closed their business. They would, especially for homeschoolers, as that was dear to their hearts, do a very cost effective contract for something like what you need.

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It may be more cost effective to buy a laser printer. We bought one a few years back because I taught public school, my husband was in grad school, and we were starting up a small not-for-profit. It is a Brother printer and we replace toner about once a year or less. (And we are heavy printers).

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I just saw someone mention something on one of Erica’s Facebook posts. Not sure if you have Facebook, but if you do, scroll down to her post from the other day about her Spanish Daily Learning Notebook. In the comments, someone asked about color printing ideas. A person replied with (what sounds like) a great option via online ordering - then it’s sent to you. It sounds very cost effective - much better than Staples. The person who posted it was also open to people contacting her for more information and ordering tips (apparently she has lots of experience with the company regarding homeschool orders.) The company is - take a look at the post (she mentions some information in her post). Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the ideas! I may look into that Copies In Color more as $0.06 per colored page is pretty good. I have a decent printer for my needs, but what I need to do for the co-op is a bit different than “normal” for me.