Reading Curriculum suggestions!

Hi everyone,

I’m totally new, actually not officially HS just yet, still need to finalize our decision for the coming fall. But, I’m doing my research on curriculum already! (I guess my mind is quite set!) Anyway, my daughter’s currently in grade one reading at least at the grade 3 level, she has no problem reading chapter books. I read a lot good comments about AAR, and I’m wondering if it will be a good fit for her and if so, which level should we start her with? I’d also appreciate suggestions on any other curriculum! Thanks!


The AAR website has free placement tests for each level and if those don’t help you enough, their customer service is very responsive. We’re currently using AAR 2 and will be moving to 3 within a few days.

Thanks for your reply, Linsey. I took a quick look of the placement test myself, but I was more concerned that my daughter might find the content boring. I will try the customer service for more info! Thanks for the suggestion!

It would really depend on your child whether they find it boring or not. This program is supposed to be multi sensory. I have a DD using it who loves it, I use a lot of the fun ideas suggested on the blog for review rather than just reading the cards everyday or the sheet. This keeps things new and fun. It would also depend on how much your DD knows prior to starting. They always suggest starting at level 1 to avoid gaps in the approach as each level builds on the other one. You can always move quickly through the lessons that she has mastered already and slow down for harder lessons.

Here’s a thought in a completely different direction: we have enjoyed the Brave Writer Program’s monthly chapter book selections, corresponding lessons, rich discussions based on these book selections that include copy work, literary elements, creative writing and grammar. You choose the reading level that applies to your child. You can purchase individual past lessons to try it out, without purchasing the 10 month curriculum. It’s been a huge success in our early elementary reading / language arts / writing experience! Added so much depth to our learning, by linking it all together. Also, Erica’s classic literature units really carried us through early elementary. My son’s love of reading partly stemmed from being able to choose some of Erica’s book units on his own. Her lap books made reading very interactive with lots of discussion. Enjoy your journey! It’s fun to have a little reader on your hands!

Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions! I haven’t really done any detailed discussions on the books my DD read. Ideally I’d like to find a program that covers all aspects of language art! (I might be too greedy?!) I’d definitely check out AAR in more details and also look into the Brave Writer program! LisaD, thanks for brining up Erica’s classic literature unit! How can I forget about it? DD has read a few books on the list, maybe it would be an easy start for her!

Character Quality Language Arts seems to fit the bill. I first read about it here, where she gives a pretty good idea of what it is:

Hope this helps!