Question for Saxon Math users

I recently bought Saxon math 7/6 from homeschool classifieds. When I received it in the mail, it is completely different from the other Saxon Math books I have. It’s the same edition but it’s hard cover. I think it’s because it’s not the homeschool version. I had no idea there was a difference and I’ll def pay attention next time I purchase something similar. My question is, will I still be able to use it or should I try to sell it and purchase the homeschool version?

Sorry, I don’t have an answer about Saxon 7/6, as thus far I’ve only used grades 1 and 2. However, I used to work in a private school that used Saxon. They found that Saxon worked great through about fifth/sixth grade, but then claimed it fell flat in the higher grades. The began by supplementing the program in the older grades, then just finally switched curriculums for the older grades. I’ve read this same thing on numerous blog websites. Again - I don’t know first hand - haven’t made it that far, but I DO love the younger grades that we have done so far (and when I taught it).
Of course, none of this touches upon your actual question about the homeschool version. My point is that perhaps your version is meant for school or homeschooling - perhaps it’s just very different than the younger grades - far different than what you expected. Just a thought.

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Hmmm…I’ll def check that out. Thanks for letting me know! I wonder what would be a good curriculum for the higher grades.

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Yes, I wonder also. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what my particular school switched too. It’s definitely a question I’ll be looking for as my children approach the older grades (if I too find that Saxon doesn’t do as well with the older grades). Perhaps you can see what other people recommend/use for older grades. I love (at least for these young children) Saxon’s spiraling curriculum - my daughter retains so much because everything is constantly re-touched upon over and over. I hope to find/use something similar when she is older - it works so well for her/us. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Does it say the 2nd edition and is blue and yellow? I have that one and it is the older version of the homeschool one. I think it should have two other books with it that are the test and problem answers and the practice sheets. My hard bound book doesn’t say anything on the cover about being a homeschool version but the two other paper back books does. some people don’t say much positive about Saxon, but I think it’s a very solid approach to math. I loved this article so I thought I’d share it

Yes it is blue and white and hardcover but its actually the 3rd edition which is the same as the others I have. I figured it was the one they use in school. I just wanted to make sure it was close to the homeschool version.

I know some people don’t have many positive things to say about Saxon but it works great for my kiddos. We used Singapore math our first year and it was def not for us. After I decided to switch, I could see a huge improvement. The spiral method works great for us. I do take reviews into account when I’m purchasing new curriculum but I also try to remember that every kid is different. I’m glad Saxon is working great for you as well. :blush:

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