Question about starting Abeka in Fall '15

Hey there, ladies! I’ve been reading Erika’s blog for awhile but haven’t joined the community. I was a first grade teacher before having children. I did tot school with my children and this year officially started homeschooling kindergarten with two of my children, Rett (6) and Evie (4). They are both on the autism spectrum.

This year I just sort of threw together our reading curriculum and did Saxon Phonics. I am wanting to go to Abeka next year. I am wanting a program that really focuses on writing which I’ve heard it is good for.

When I went to the website, I noticed the first grade packet did not contain the teacher editions. Are these necessary?

I’m wanting something that will tell me when to introduce nouns and all that so I don’t have to worry about missing something.

I started my oldest in Abeka’s K5 program. I did purchase the teacher’s books for that year and 1st grade. It was so helpful! I know my daughter has very good reading and writing skills, and excellent cursive handwriting, in part because of the time I spent diligently teaching and correcting as she improved her skills, and the teacher’s books were very detailed about each step without being overwhelming. But by 2nd grade, I did not purchase those, as each page has a heading with the explanation of each grammar rule being introduced. And I did add in another grammar program for 2nd (halfway through) and 3rd grade (because I wanted to try it out before making a decision to switch programs), but she received a very strong foundation with ABeka phonics and Language.

@LauraLea I know you’re looking at ABeka, but we have been using BJU (for Kinder, grade 1-2) and I love the TE!! There’s so much info in them! Plus they come with a cd rom of support type materials. There are blackline masters of sorts at the back of each TE as well. I think it’s well worth comparing TE for both publishers:)

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You don’t need the teacher editions but the Curriculum/Lesson Plans and Test Answer Keys. They tell you when and how to introduce new concepts, doing review, tests, etc. I will start First grade with my daughter these summer. I will purchase the Grade 1 Child Kit, and the Grade 1 Parent Kit, they contain all what you need for the school year. I like A Beka, I have 4 years using their curriculum and never have worried about missing something.

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I am using this Curriculum as well starting in the fall with my daughter who will be doing 2nd grade… i have purchased both the parent kit and child kit to start…