Poll: What is your favorite foreign language curriculum?

You don’t happen to have a one-month-old as well so we can match, do you? :slight_smile: I’ll pm you, it would be fun to have somebody else to chat with about it. If you want to try memrise, we could encourage each other on that, too.

Ning, thanks so much for your insight! I’Ve wondered the same myself.

I just ran into this, and it looks really good and fun, too! http://foreignlanguagesforkids.com/ Another program that doesn’t appear to have French, though.

@ning Hi there! I don’t think I ever responded to your amazing answer to my question about “er” versus “liang”! I am so sorry–we had a huge bout of sickness hit our family for about 10 days after the last time I sent a message to you, and I kept meaning to respond! Your answer was so incredibly helpful!! I can’t thank you enough. My children were so excited to hear that someone who is Chinese and is living in China would take the time to respond to our question! They love learning Chinese so much (and so do I!). Your explanation or ordinal versus cardinal numbers made so much sense and I will explain it that way to my kids too because that is a way they understand from their math lessons. Thank you again, and for your willingness to answer questions in general! If I can ever do anything for you, please let me know :slight_smile:

It’s so nice of you @Forchristandkids I’m glad that I can help :slight_smile: I think the biggest concern I have now is that I am not an English native speaker(bron and raised in China). So in the future when I homeschool my kids I am afraid that I am not qualitfied to teach them in English. What if the way I express the knowledge of different curriculum is not correct or has some grammatic mistakes. So I am thinking of ways to improve my own English now, especially acdemic English.
If you and your children have any questions about Chinese, feel free to message me:)

I know you all are teaching Chinese (we are not that brave yet :smile:). We do want to teach Spanish however. What’s good for that? I will have a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and two 7th graders. My 3rd grader is the most interested, and I just don’t know what’s good out there for this type of curriculum.

I was wondering if anyone has used DinoLingo before for foreign language? It looks like it is geared towards younger kids, which we have and it looks fun but was wondering if anyone had any experience with it?

We have Dino Lingo Portuguese. It is geared for younger children, the videos are very toddler/child-like. I have the whole set I think, with the flashcards, posters, etc. My children were at the time we were trying this out ages 8 and under. They all liked it a lot, and they learned a lot too.
It is very simple, it basically repeats words over and over. For example, when teaching colors it would show different objects with the color they were to learn in the language chosen and the dinosaur would say it. It happened many times and it would go back and forth between colors.
The program emphasizes words that are common to our everyday lives. It does not teach sentences. But my oldest was able to put sentences together by just learning those words, but also because I speak the language she could ask me what another word was and that helped her put the sentences together. If you don’t speak and can’t help them in that way they would learn only the words taught, which is a good beginning for little ones anyway.
What I did not like, and the reason why we stopped using Dino Lingo, is the way the video is presented. It’s a cartoon which I’m okay with, but the music was horrible and with some of the cartoons they added a little play they’d watch between lessons and it was of bad taste. My oldest had nightmares about it and that only confirmed my doubts about using it any longer.
So, I’m sad to say it wasn’t a better program. It certainly had the potential to be good but failed in the video part. I still use the other material.