Poll: What is your favorite Bible curriculum?

  • Grapevine Studies
  • Friends & Heroes
  • Nest DVDs
  • Picture Smart Bible
  • Apologia Who is God?
  • Kay Arthur Discover 4 Kids
  • Other

We don’t have one yet. Right now we use our church’s children’s ministry guide from their weekly/monthly lessons reinforcing Sunday’s message.

We love Bible Study Guide for All Ages. I have a 4yr old girl and a 7 year old girl using their beginner pages, but they have different levels for any age. This is our second year using the program and they know more about the Bible than most adults! I can not say enough good things! Love it!!

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I also like Sonlight’s bible curriculum. It is mostly reading bible passages and having age appropriate discussion with your child. When they were little I would read and think “Are they even understanding this?” Once I started a discussion with them I realized that they did.
My youngest son loves the Grapevine Bible Studies because he can easily recall the story by looking at the pictures.

We teach Catholic catechism, I think the series is called Faith and Life, and we use our picture and chapter and verse bibles, and the Baltimore Catechism.

We use little hands to Heaven curriculum. It’s simple and fun .

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Right now I’m just making my own. I look up stuff on pinterest and go from there. Right now we are studying the Fruits of the Spirit.
Next year I am trying the Apologia curriculum though.

We use God’s Great Covenant. It takes a couple years to get through the whole Bible. We are in the first year so we are studying Genesis to Ruth

We use a combination of Grapevine and Calvert Studies. Calvert Studies is free (my FAVORITE price) and the kids love the coloring sheets/activities that go with each lesson.


We have really enjoyed The Dig. Unfortunately, there are only 2 vol. and we’ve finished both in one year so I’m searching for something else.

We use Sonlight so bible is included in the curriculum. We also have used 1+1+1=1’s Raising Rock Stars Preschool and like it a lot! And we love the What’s in the Bible DVDs and JellyTelly!

We love grapevine studies, it has really worked well especially with my youngest, who is in kindergarten.

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Although we do love grapevine (we use it the most) we love the answers in genesis sunday school curriculum. My children are young so I only get the flip charts (which older children love the visual aid as well) and sometimes I get the take home sheets for each age level. It fills in with stories grapevine leaves out when you are trying to do a chronological order to your studies.


Answers in Genesis Bible curriculum. We love it! Songs (on CD) power point presentation provided, printables, lesson plans, fun…all for $30! It’s designed as a Sunday school curriculum, but it works for us too!

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We Love anything from Apologia…I have kiddos in high school and lower levels using same cur. and they are all happy and learning. :slight_smile:

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We love Apologia for Worldview. We also use My Father’s World, which covers bible narratives etc.

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Grapevine Studies are a great way to study the Old and New Testament. I have enjoyed walking through each book with my daughter and she thinks the stick-figuring is fun!!

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We are using the cm genesis-deut study. It’s intense but has been amazing for the kids and us. It’s also a geography and history curriculum mixed together.

We are enrolled in a local Community Bible Study class. Moms and children study the same scripture passages, using lesson books written at their level and meet in small groups with their peers. We’ve been doing it for 10 years now and love the teaching. We have also made good friends through the community of homeschoolers in that BIble study.

We love, love, love Bible Study Guide for All ages!!! My kids get excited when we do it. We even do it on the weekends. It helps them memorize their verses easily. My high schooler is doing Notgrass and she also loves it! While it incorporates three different subjects, the bible aspect is really thorough and engaging. She was apprehensive at first because it seems like a lot, but when she got into it, she really enjoys it.

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