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Please Help...Math Input Needed


@Elizabeth, I would love to hear how you add manipulatives to Abeka math. My daughter will be in K5 (we are finishing up K4), and I’m beginning to realize that she is more of a kinesthetic learner. Do you only use the cuisenaire rods or do you use other manipulatives as well?


Hi @MrsKinsey, when my older kids were little we used exclusively the Montessori method. We have three years using Abeka but I still use some of those materials to reinforce what we are studying in the books. Here is a list of some of the things we have used in K5, my youngest daughter is actually in K5 and she is also a visual/kinesthetic learner.

A)For learning numbers/quantity 1-10
Sand paper numbers and sand tray to practice writing numbers.
Cards and counters
Spindle boxes
Small number rods
Magnetic letters to form number words

B) For Numbers 1-100
Teens board and Tens board (we use them to reinforce the Numbers families, Teens family, twentys family, etc)
Colored bead bars
Hundred chain
Hundred board

C) Money
Money match box by Leap Frog
We also use the Piggy Bank and coins included in Art Projects K5

D) Counting by 10s and 5s
Sticks/straws and rubber bands to make bundles of 5/10 and skip count.
Colored bead bars or Cuisenaire rods
Little plastic animals to make groups of 5/10 and count them.

D) Some ways we use the Cuisenaire rods
Compare numbers (great than/less than)
Order numbers (ascending/descending)
Addition problems
Addition twins (3+5=8 / 5+3=8)
Addition families (six family 5+1=6, 4+2=6, 3+3=6, …)
Skip counting using same color bars

E) Other things we use
Pattern blocks
Attribute blocks

These are some of my favorite Montessori websites, you can find information and free printables. has a free downloads section.
Hope this help! If you have any question about a particular material, just let me know.


Wow! Thank you so much for the detailed information! I will re-read and absorb later. I will probably have more questions.