Our 2016-2017 choices

Oh boy, it seems that high school is not as far away as I would like it to be…
Hope you have a wonderful year!

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I’m glad I’m not the only one already making plans for next year.
5th grader
Math- Life of Fred, decimals and percent, and fractions
Writing- Writing Strands, we haven’t decided which level yet
Science- Apologia’s young explorers Physics (we’ll skip around a bit so her experiments line up with her older sister)
Foreign Language- Latin For Children book B
History- Notgrass’ America the Beautiful
Grammar- junior analogical grammar
Spelling- All about Spelling, level 5
8th Grader
Math-Life of fred, beginning algebra
Writing- Writing Strands
Science- apologia physical science
Foreign Language- Latin Alive, book 2
History- America the beautiful (with her sister)
Grammar-annalitical grammar

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Loved AIG science we did plants last year, loved it, doing animals this year, not loving it as much. Doing human body next year also. Then on to the other books!


I love planning time and I’ve been working on it since January. Here’s what we have planned so far:

For 4th and 2nd grader together:
Bible: Who Am I?, Hero Tales, Names of God
History: MOH 2
Science: AIG’s Ecosystems along with Quark Chronicles- Zoology with lots of hands on things, additional workbook things too.
LA: IEW, Fix It Grammar and complete Rod and Staff Grade 3
Latin: Latina Christiana
Foreign Lanuage: Duolingo

Math: MUS
SPelling: A Reason for Spelling
Math: Beast Academy
Spelling: Rod and staff, 4

My K4 guy and toddler will be doing FIAR

I keep feel like I’m missing something, but it must be the extra hands on things I’ve been planning to go along!


I’m so excited that I have actually made decisions and purchases. Decisions have been made!! I did just spend the weekend at the HS convention so that helped a lot! Here’s what we’ll be using starting in August :

3rd grade (8 yo in September)
HOD Bigger for Bible, History, Geography, Science, Poetry and Literature (read alouds).
Math - BJU Math 3
Spelling - BJU
English (Grammar / Writing) - BJU English 3
Reading - BJU Reading 3
HW - A Reason for HW - C

1st grade (just turned 6)
HOD LHFHG for Bible, History, Geography, Science, Literature
Math - Math U See
Reading - All About Reading
HW - A Reason for HW - K

Also adding some :
Magic School Bus videos and experiments
Home Ec - kitchen basics and handicrafts
Art - I Can Do All Things (Stebbings)


I see that you have selected BJU English 3. I am considering switching from Christian Light Language Arts to BJU English 3 this Fall. May I ask what stood out for you that you went with this curriculum?

I like BJU for English because it alternates chapters (grammar, writing, grammar…). Also, the writing teaches useful topics such as writing a friendly letter, a poem, and not just stories. I like the looks of so many of the “big name” writing curriculums, but I just think that’s overkill at this age. Also, I prefer to keep spelling and handwriting separate. I have looked at CLE as well. I think it looks thorough, and it’s a great option. Another note on BJU is their Teachers Manuals are awesome! You can check out the samples online.


I wanted to finish CLE LA at 2nd grade, we will be complete this May. It rounds out the Learning to Read program in CLE. I believe we have a fantastic foundation, so now I am ready to switch to BJU for English 3 this fall. I have looked at the samples, it is just so hard to switch from something you know and have used from day 1. Your reply is exactly what I needed to read. Thanks so much for your time. I think this will be a great change for my daughter and I. I have to admit, I am really excited about this!


Do you have your Trail Guide Curriculum in hand yet? I’m really wanting to know if it is as good as it looks?? I want to try this program out so much! (But my younger kids are not old enough yet!) Please keep us posted after you start! I’d love to know if you think it needs to be supplemented anywhere or if it is really pretty solid.

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Hi @momof3! I do have the Trail Guide curriculum here!! I actually have to say that as excited as I was to get it, I was even more excited when I received it and got to look through everything. I was even more impressed with the actual curriculum than I was with the samples. The level of the areas I was concerned about was no longer a concern when I saw the full program. Language Arts is the typical area where most people have concerns. Granted, it follows a Charlotte Mason approach, so it will take longer to see results (it is not workbook driven and does not drill grammar), but they have added Challenge level spelling words in the second edition that I was happy to see, and overall I was very excited to see everything laid out. I can’t wait to begin in July. I plan to purchase the K-2 supplement for my 2nd grader as well when it comes available in the next several weeks. I did purchase AIG God’s Design for Science Our Universe (focus on planets) and Plants because the Paths of Exploration level deals with studying the planets and stars and the plant life that the early settlers would have encountered. I am not sure we will need it/get to it, but it is there as an option if we’d like to dig deeper into the study of these areas. I have plenty of curriculum for other areas on backup if I need to supplement in any area, but my plan is to start the first month at least doing nothing but Trail Guide, the Trail Guide Bible supplement, and our foreign language that we always do. I really want to get a good feel for it before adding anything. I will definitely keep you posted :smiley:

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I looked into this for years but like others I was concerned about the grammar. Sounds like a wonderful program!! :grin:

Yes, this seems to be an often-voiced concern. This curriculum definitely follows the CM/Ruth Beechick philosophy on when/how to introduce grammar instruction and even echoes a lot of what Andrew Pudewa (IEW) has had to say in some of his podcasts on when/how children learn grammar best (listening to these really helped to put my mind at ease for my younger children as it relates to grammar instruction). For me, reading through the Trail Guide overview on how they teach writing/LA in their sample introduction and also reading through the Paths of Exploration Skills Charts and seeing everything that would be covered throughout the entire year (the list is extensive) really helped me to see that the process, when trusted, is not lacking. My only reason for purchasing an IEW product for my older child for next year in addition to Trail Guide (Fix-It Grammar by IEW) was because she has enjoyed this type of activity so much thus far with GUM Drops, but we will not start with using it at the beginning of the year and may not use it this year at all. I think it all comes down to which school of thought you find yourself identifying with most, and I think Language Arts is one of those areas that varies greatly from one homeschool family to another :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for that! I didn’t know they were coming out with a K-2 supplement! I’ve never come across a bad review for this curriculum, it really looks awesome! I hope you guys have a great school year.


Thanks! I can’t wait! Yes, their K-2 supplement looks to be extensive, covering all subjects and incorporating an option for Learning Language Arts Through Literature or the option to use your own LA program if you choose to instead of the LLATL if you prefer. You can vary the package based on where your child’s reading level is as well. The book choices look great and I’m excited to have some more options to incorporate for my 2nd grader who will be doing this along with my to-be 4th grader. However, it’s not going to be a stand-alone supplement, so you do need to use it with another older child who is actually using the full curriculum in order for it to work. Which is a bummer because I have a younger child who isn’t quite ready for the K-2 supplement yet so he’ll have to wait until he is old enough for the full curriculum to start since he won’t be ready yet even to tag along :smirk:


We are going to try a lot of new things next year. This is my current plan but subject to change! I’m least sure about writing and have changed that plan 10 times already!

4th grade:
English Lessons Through Literature 3
Wayfarers medieval history
Wayfarers science with Quark Chronicles (anatomy and astronomy)
Beast Academy 4
Getting Started with Latin
Block scheduling of The Most Wonderful Writing Lessons and Treasured Conversations. Then CAP Writing and Rhetoric Narrative 1.
Possibly Fix It! Grammar book 2 depending on how I feel about ELTL’s grammar.
All About Spelling
Art of some kind
Pentime 5

2nd grade
Wayfarers history and science
All About Reading 3 and 4
All About Spelling
Possibly Right Start C, unsure about math.
Art of some kind
Pentime 4

Might try Spanish again this year and typing for both.


Yup I’m pretty sure my list is now also subject to change lol. I was so sure and then to save more money/time I made some changes.
My definites are Diana Waring’s history and IEW’s grammar and writing. I will edit my list accordingly later- after the conference which is at the end of the month. :blush:

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So far this is where we are for the 2016-2017 school year:

7th grader-
*Foerster’s Algebra 1 with Math Without Borders video supplement
*Writing With Skill 3
*Michael Clay Thompson’s Grammar, Vocabulary, and Poetry
*Apologia Physical Science (with accompanying co-op class)
*Homeschool in the Woods Election study and one of the project passport studies
*BJU Spanish 1 (with accompanying co-op class)
*Art - Advanced Painting (co-op)
*Literature studies on various books from reading list
*Unsure of Bible right now
*SGA (co-op)
*Keyboarding/computer practice…no curriculum
*Additional co-op classes in the spring to go with Spanish and Physical Science classes
*Music - private piano lessons
*Ballet 8 hours a week plus any performances, run 5Ks all year, mountain bike with daddy
*Volunteer opportunities

4th grader and 3rd grader
*Math Mammoth 4 and 5 / Math Mammoth 3 and 4 (I would love to add in Beast Academy if the budget allows.)
*Writing with Ease 4 / Writing with Ease 3
*All About Spelling 6 / All About Spelling 4
*Michael Clay Thompson’s Grammar, Poetry, and Vocabulary (same level)
*Apologia Astronomy and Flying Creatures
*Homeschool in the Woods study on elections and one project passport study
*Literature studies from a reading list I put together
*Unsure of Bible right now
*Pentime Cursive 4 / Pentime Cursive 3
*co-op classes in the fall and spring
*football, run 5Ks all year, baseball or basketball or both (or neither…they may mountain bike and travel with daddy in the spring like they are doing this year)
*Music - private guitar lessons / private piano lessons
*Keyboarding - computer practice…no curriculum

I think that’s about it. I think it’s going to be a great year!


I’ve got an upcoming first grader and second grader.
Foreign Language: Song School Spanish
Art: Home Art Studio (kindergarten level) & a bi monthly co op art class
History/Language Arts : Story of the World Vol 1
Science: Animal Unit Studies (mostly a ton of library books based on our animal of choice & lap books) & anatomy using Usborne books and Magic School bus kit.
Spelling: All About Spelling Level 1
Grammar: First Language Lessons for the well trained mind - level 1
Geography: Evan Moore Daily Geography level 1 & Road Trip USA at bi monthly co op

First Grade:
Math: Horizons First Grade Level
Reading: All About Reading Level 1
Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting Level A

Second Grade:
Math: Horizons Second Grade Level
Reading: All About Reading Level 2
Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting Level B


I have a 3rd grader a first grader and a 3 year old in the fall.
3rd grade:
Llatl yellow
Saxon 2
1st grade:
Llatl blue
Saxon math 1(second half)
Both are doing:
Beginnings II bible
Exploring Creation Zoology 3
Truthquest American History 2
Prima Latina
My 3 year old is doing a 3-2-1 Learn book and a bunch of Kumon workbooks

I had a lot of fun researching this year. We did Sonlight for my 3rd graders first two years and may go back to it sometime but we seem to be doing better piecing it together ourselves

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Here’s ours 2016-2017 school year.

4th grade 9:00 start time

Character Studies: What Do You Stand For Daily
Logic: Mind Benders 3 questions M/W/F
Health: American Girls The Care & Keeping Of You T/Th
Penmanship: Copywork Daily
Memorization and Recitation Notebook Daily
Reading: Rod and Staff 4 Exploring With God Daily
Spelling: Spelling Power Daily
Vocabulary: English From The Roots Up Daily
Grammar: Rod and Staff English 4 Daily
Writing: IEW Level A Daily
Math: Rod and Staff 5 w/Math Mammoth 5 Daily
Science: Apologia Exploring Creation Chemistry and Physics (First Semester M-Th)
History: SOTW Early Modern Times (Second Semester M-Th)
Latin: Latina Christina M-Th
Art: Memoria Press art cards M-Th
Music: Piano/Guitar Lessons three times a week
Typing: Typing Instructor Daily ( usually at quiet time)
P.E. Tap/Soccer/Swim Lessons (TBD fall session)

First Grade 8:00 start time

Calendar Notebook (Erica) Daily
Speech: Hear It! Say It! (son has Apraxia) Daily
Logic: Lollipop Logic 3 Questions M/W/F
Memorization and Recitation Daily
Health: Living Books (one semester) T/TH
Spelling: AAS Level 1 Daily
Reading: Rod and Staff God is Good Gr.1 Daily
Grammar: FLL M/W/F
Penmanship: Copywork Daily
Math: Rod and Staff Gr.1 and Math Mammoth Gr.1 M-Th Real Life Math Friday’s
Science: Living Books (animal kingdom,human body,the plant kingdom) T/Th
History: Living Books (ancients) M/W/F
Art: Memoria Press Art Cards w/Living Books M-Th
Music: Guitar Lessons twice a week
P.E. Soccer/Swim Lessons (TBD Fall Scedule)

Early Pre-K Mon-Thur. (my early riser 7:00 start time half hour)

Living Books
Hands on Activities
Flash Cards (numbers,alphabet)
Puzzles (shapes,numbers,alphabet,colors,animals)