New school year check in?

Hey homeschoolers - We just started two weeks ago and I wanted to see how others are doing. Especially those of you that have just recently started homeschooling. :grin:

We have made it through all our scheduled curriculum, which I’m very happy about. But I’ve yet to settle into a solid routine. Each day has been a little different! Which is good and bad I suppose. I feel like I’m settling into the reality of having ALL of my kids with me ALL day. Which is obvious, yes, but is definitely an adjustment. And the kids are settling into the reality of what school at home is really about. Basically it’s a huge time of change for us and I’m feeling unsure about so many things. I would love to hear from others who are in a similar point in their journey.

Happy Friday!

@mamalisa - we just finished our first week of school (second year). This year is far different than last year. Last year I just had my daughter (first grader)… my son was going to Pre-K and hanging around with us at home while I taught. This year is so different having him doing Kindergarten at the same time as my daughter doing second grade. I know it’s nothing like those of you who teacher 3, 4, 5 and even more children each day, but it’s still going to take time to adjust to. I’d say we had a very successful week… I’m hoping the rest go as smoothly :slight_smile: Happy Homeschooling!

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@triton17, that is great to hear! Yes it is a bit of a juggling, especially when they are young. Good luck to you! It sounds like you have a good grasp on things.

I was in an online school for 5 years and this is the first year where I am doing it on my own! So I feel like this is all new to me in some ways. What a difference!

  1. They are actually enjoying their own curriculum. Several time times they have asked me to continue their studies! That is like a miracle to me.
    2.) Less stress on me and the kids for sure.
    3.) Less time spent on things that are time wasters - giving us more time to actually get things done that matter - which is great because I am not doing school work at 8:00 at night anymore! Phew!
    4.) I’m actually doing pretty good about putting kids where they can work on their own and I can work one on one with another one.
    1.) Kids still need to figure out not to come in a try and get help when I am working one on one. Any suggestion? lol
    2.) My curriculum I have picked isn’t working in some areas. Which is such a big disappointment, because now I have wasted money on something we are not enjoying and also I need to try and find something new. But I think that just goes with the territory as a new homeschooler - figuring out what everyone likes. :slight_smile:
    GOOD: Science, Lit, Phonics, and Reading.
    BAD: Math, History, and Spelling.

I think (for me anyway) we never really have a “schedule” in the fact that history will be at this time, math at this time, etc… As long as we get everything done on the to-do list for the day - in whatever order we do it, I’m good with it. :slight_smile:

I hope your days continue to go so great! Keep up the good job! :slight_smile:

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A suggestion to help with the interrupting of one-on-one instruction time:

I would make a list (words or pictures depending on reading level) of strategies they can do to help them when they get stuck, such as the following:

  1. Re-read the question.
  2. Reference the text.
  3. Skip the question, and go to the next one.
  4. Give Mom ‘I need help’ card and work on homework/independent work

If they go through 1-3 and still need help, they can work on homework/independent work ( I have a bucket of work that they can complete independently that they do at the end of the day when I need to prepare supper, blog, etc. ). This way they are still doing productive work while they wait for you. I would make a ‘I need help’ card they can hand you while you are teaching their sibling. This lets you know they need help, but also is not disruptive.


Those are awesome ideas! Thank you! I am totally going to use them! :slight_smile:

We have completed 4 weeks of 3rd grade/1st grade/ Pre3 Letter of the Week. It has gone pretty well with the occasional behavior and interruption frustrations you would expect.

Just wrapped up our second week and it’s been a struggle but good! My son has sensory processing disorder and so getting through the school day is a challenge. I’m learning every day better ways to help him and it’s been so rewarding!

Also my preschooler is LOVING school! She’s so proud of all her work! Keeping her busy while I work with my son is interesting but so far I’m loving homeschooling! Best to everyone!!

We are starting week 4 this week. While it is good, it seems to be taking us a bit to catch our stride. It seems like every week there is something, the first week, my 6th grader was frustrated as she did not have enough to do, the second week, our dog was sick and I was taking him out like every 15 minutes, so that severely interrupted teaching. The 3rd week, husband decides to rearrange his office and kept pulling me away. So this week, we are not letting anything stop our success. I am also having a hard time with the sixth grader understanding this is not like her prior school days. We control our own destiny and our success.

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This is a great post! Trying to get back in the swing of things here. We started mid-year last year, so we are still very new to homeschooling. We are 1 week into this school year, and it’s been rough. I have 1 child basically refusing to do anything. Math was his passion last year and he flew through it. Now he won’t touch it. My other kiddos are back on track and just experiencing the normal get back in the routine bumps in the road stuff.
My Dad passed away in May, and that was when he started struggling. Would love any suggestions. We use Math U See. Thanks guys.

Kelly, I don’t have any suggestions but I am sorry for your loss:(. I hope you are able to find some thing that helps.

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@Coloradoinni, I feel you. There seems to always be something popping up for us. I think this is our “new normal”?

And I’m also struggling with the kids’ attitudes: my 2nd grader just has a bad attitude. He’s either really “tired” or bored. He doesn’t specifically say he wants to go to traditional school but I’m sure he’s comparing homeschool to his previous experience of school. Of course academically he’s doing great. In fact I’m wondering if it’s too easy for him, especially his math which is getting up to speed slowly. My kindergartener has now started saying he wants to go to “real kindergarten”.

@Kelly, I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother last September and the anniversary is approaching in a couple weeks. So hard on the whole family, in different ways. I don’t have any real advice for your son but have wondered if my mother’s loss is impacting my older son also. He holds a lot in so it’s hard to tell.

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