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Need tips on keeping my busy 3 yo busy

I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Ashley Estabrooks and I will begin homeschooling my daughter for kindergarten this Monday. Even though this is something my husband and I have planned for the last 6 years, I am super nervous, as I also have a very active, yet very curious 3 year old boy I need to keep busy. Unfortunately, he isn’t the least bit interested in learning so getting him to sit still with a busy bag or craft may not help, though I plan to try. This might make teaching my daughter difficult. (Any tips would be greatly appreciated) Regardless, I’m confident this is where God has lead us though and very excited to begin this journey with my daughter.

I have a 5th grade boy and a super active just turned 4yr old boy we just started preK but last yr I used PBS games on the computer and games to occupy him but kept him in the classroom with us. This year I will have a2 month old to add to the mix so I have a notebook for my 4yr old to draw and write whatever he wants. We have magnet tiles and magnet blocks also magnetic dots that he can arrange in the shape of letters or robot etc. When all else fails I say PE time and send him running and jumping.
Best of luck