My kid hates notebooking, how do I get her to record what she learnt

Does any one have any idea how to get w 10 year old to record science information other than notebooking, we do Apologia

Lapbooks! My kids also hate notebooking but always get excited about doing a lapbook.

Forgot to mention she despises lapbooks

What about creating just a plain fun worksheet for her to do? Or maybe create a poster? Have her find pictures of what you are learning and she can glue them down and write in her own words what is going on in the picture? Is that too close to a lapbook? I don’t know. I don’t do notebooks or lapbooks, but my kids enjoy making posters of what they have learned.


Ooh love this idea, might help us get out of the rut out of workbooks

Oh good, I hope so! I have a couple kids who are the same way - tried notebooking and they didn’t like it very much. So I had to try and find some other way for them to record as well.

What about video? I sometimes asked the kids to do short videos to demonstrate or share their learning, whether it was presenting a project, walking you through the process and results of a science experiment, or simply summarizing their daily learning on a particular subject. We kept a collection of them on private tumblr accounts.


How about having them just draw a picture and adding a title. Depending on the subject you might have the child draw and label a diagram. These two have been an easy start for my seven year old. Hope this is helpful.

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Are you using the Apologia Notebooks, or doing just a spiral notebook?

We did kind of a combo, but sometimes they expect a lot of writing, and not all 10 yo’s are ready for that much writing. Personally I think it’s fine for some info to be just for exposure in the elementary years. When my dd was that age, I said she could journal for science, and that the minimum was 1X a week. She could:

copy a drawing/diagram she liked
write a short note about something that interested her
go outside and nature journal
draw an illustration of an experiment
write some notes about an experiment

Just something. Once a week she also talked to me about what she was learning (narration).

Make it something fun/interesting instead of a lot of writing. The main purpose of science in these years is not output but generating a curiosity about and appreciation of creation. enjoy!