Moving Beyond the Pages as a stand alone?

Has anyone used MBTP? I would be interested in your opinions about this curriculum. I am thinking about using it next year. Have you used the full year curriculum or the unit studies? I am curious if the full year package covers everything or if you felt like you needed to supplement a lot.

Hello! I am planning to try out MBTP, age 5-7, concept one for my 5 yo twins who turn 6 in November. It’s my understanding, and recommended by MBTP itself, to have a dedicated phonics and math program in addition. But I do believe it is possible to stand alone, especially at this young age, as long as you are comfortable AND including lots of outside reading (informally like bedtime, etc. ) Since MBTP is interdisciplinary, I imagine it won’t get too in depth with phonics, specific math concepts or even handwriting. Looks like concept one has some applied math (graphing, etc) and a little handwriting (copy work related to the lesson). I would suggest getting a hold of the patent book and student book of the first concept you want to try, check it out and then make a decision. There are 3 great MBTP Facebook pages too. Just search it, I can’t recall their exact names. :blush: Personally, although I am interested in learning more about all the math and phonics programs and what would work for my twins, I am trying to hold off until we get started!

Thank you for all the information. I will have 3 to homeschool next year (kinder, 1st, 4th grade). I was looking at the full year program. I have heard great things but am wondering if it is going to cover everything and be challenging enough. For my 4th grader, I will supplement with math and grammar/writing. 1st and kinder phonics and math. Thanks again…